Python hack wifi

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Environment Preparation
    • python2.7

    • Pywifi Module

    • Dictionary

    • Clear any WiFi connection record in the system

Import Module

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Dictionary Preparation

Random WiFi Weak password TOP10

  1. 12345678

  2. 123456789

  3. 88888888

  4. 1234567890

  5. 00000000

  6. 87654321

  7. 66668888

  8. 11223344

  9. 147258369

  10. 11111111

Configuring the Scanner

recommended scanning can often be set between 15-20 seconds testing is often customizable, taking into account the relationship between authentication speed and distance, I generally set in 15 or so, no longer the meaning of the time, even if the success of the hot spot, the signal is not where the

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scan around hotspots

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Hot test

The follow-up recommendation is to keep the scanning process data in place, preventing duplicate scans and making it more intuitive.

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This shows that the test used 11 weak password, and scanned to 20 hot spots, and then began to pit daddy's run up

  • wifiid hotspot ID number will be reduced by 1 per run.

  • SSID or BSSID hotspot's SSID name or MAC address

  • N The connection state of the hotspot, this

  • time that is currently spent

  • signal The signal strength of the hotspot, if the smaller the better

  • The ID of the keynum test password will be reduced by 1 per run.

  • Key the current test password

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Python hack wifi

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