Python Full stack learning route

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One, hardware 11, database

Second, Linux basic 12, front-end

Third, Python basic 13, Django

Four, Python file processing 14, flask

Five, Function 15, version control-git

Six, module and package 16, Redis

Seven, object-oriented 17, crawler

Eight, exception handling 18, Project

Nine, network programming 19, Source code interpretation

Ten, process line Cheng 20, Fundamentals of finance and Algorithms

Keep updating ....


First article: Operating system Introduction

Second article: Operating system

Linux Basics:

First article: initial Linux

The second article: basic use

Article Three: Linux advanced

Python Basics:

  First: Python basic outline

  Article Two: Variables and interactions

Article Three: shortcut keys

Fourth: Basic data type, basic two, string, list, tuple, dictionary, collection

Fifth article: Basic conditions and cycles

Sixth: loops, tuples, dictionary list code collation, Calculator applet, a big wave of homework to hit

Seventh: sixth-Practice Code

Eighth article: Collection

Nineth article: Dictionaries

Tenth chapter: Tuples

11th article: List

12th article: string

13th article: Date formatting

python-file Processing:

First: Character encoding, file processing


First article: initial function

Second article: function advanced

Article Three: Decorators

Fourth article: Recursion and dichotomy

Fifth: Built-in function mind Mapping

Sixth: iterators, generators, lists pushed down.

Seventh: eval The function of an artifact

Eighth: Continuous update in ...

python-modules and packages:

First article: module Import and Package

The second article: a few common modules

The third one; abstract algorithm module

Fourth article: Logging module

Fifth article: Configparser module

Sixth: Continuous update in ...


First article: initial object-oriented

The second article: Object-oriented three major features

Article Three: Property-staticmethod-classmethod

Fourth: The Magical Reflection

Fifth article: Object-oriented development

Sixth: Continuous update ...

python-exception Handling:

First article: Exception handling

python-Network Programming:

First article: initial socket

The second article: Client service side One, client service side Two

The third: Continuous update ...

python-processes, threads, and co-routines:

First: Threads and processes

Second article: Concurrent programming

The third article: multi-process simulation Rob ticket

Fifth: Queue of processes

Sixth article: Mutual exclusion lock

Seventh: Two ways to turn on threads, thread queue

Eighth: Two applications of threading and process

Nineth: Deadlock and recursive lock, timer

Tenth: Event mode database link

11th: Process pool and thread pool, two task switching issues for the unified process

12th: Synchronous vs. asynchronous

13th article: Blocking io, nonblocking io, multiplexing

14th: Processes, threads, the ultimate version of the Association

15th: Continuous Update in ...


First article: mysql--database basic Operation one, basic operation two

The second article: mysql--Advanced operation (Understand)

Article three: mysql--Classic exercises

Fourth article: MongoDB

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, Vue.js:

First article: HTML

Article Two: CSS

Article Three: JavaScript

Fourth article: JQuery, cross-domain instances

Fifth: Vue.js Primer, Project structure introduction, ES6 Primer

Sixth article: Vue.js detailed operation Example One

Seventh article: Vue-router article

Eighth: Quickly get started with NPM

Nineth: The first knowledge webpack

Tenth: Ongoing updates

Python-django Frame:

First: Installation and introduction--django life cycle--some commands----notes---notes 2--notes 3

Article Two: initial DJANGO,MTV model, request mode test

The third: Simple login registration, admin management, Rights Management test

Fourth: template layer, practice, template inheritance, CSRF cross-site

Fifth: Book management based on MySQL, book Management, and the management of books with cookies

Fifth article: ORM Query, query two

Sixth: Cookie authentication, Cookie and session

Seventh: DIY own permission system

Eighth article: Django-ajax, cross-site request forgery, jquery-serizlize usage

Nineth: File upload, verification code, Django cache issues

Tenth article: Django-rest-framework, Partial summary

11th article: Content-type

12th: Continuous update in ....

git-version control:

First: Getting Started with git

Chapter Two: git operation demo

Python-flask Frame:

First article: Flask All kinds of small things

Article Two: Flask development Framework, configuration files

Article Three: Singleton mode

Fourth article: Flask-session source Analysis

Fifth article: Flask-session components

Fifth article: Signal

Sixth: SQLAlchemy operation, Operation 2, detail, command use

Seventh article: Flask-script


First article: Basic use

Crawler related

First article: Crawl the Beauty net resources

Article Two: request library-request

Article Three: Analytic library-re-beautifulsoup

Fourth article: Repository-mysql (see MySQL above), MongoDB

Fifth: GitHub dense login, automatic delivery resume

Sixth: Improve crawler performance, crawler performance test code

Seventh article: Reptile frame scrapy1, reptile frame scrapy2

Eighth: Crawling Amazon product information, crawling Internet fiction

Nineth article: Distributed crawler---

Project Exercises:

First article: Build a static website based on Bootstrap

Second article: Build dynamic website based on Bootstrap+mysql

The third article: Build blog system based on Html,css,jquery,javascript,mysql

Fourth: Access control based on Django

Fifth: Django-based additions and deletions to components, pager components

Fifth: Do CRM Asset Management for the company

Sixth article: do permission control based on flask

Seventh article: Reptile Project

Eighth: Luffy Construction


Source Analysis:

First article: Flask

Article Two: Django

The third article: django-restframework Source Flow Analysis

Finance and Algorithms:

First article: Introduction to Finance

Second: quantitative investment and Python

Article Three: Ipython basic understanding

Fourth article: NumPy array operation, case code

Fifth article: Pandas data analysis, case code

Sixth article: Matplotlib drawing visualization, Case code

Seventh: Examples of financial Analysis (understanding)

Eighth: Algorithm basis (theory), instance code

Nineth: Sort lowb Threesome, sample code

Tenth: NB Trio, sample code

11th: Advanced algorithm, other (learn)

12th article: Data structure, data structure instance code

13th: Design pattern, design pattern Instance code

Python Full stack learning route

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