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Formatting of strings

Insert the%s into the string as a placeholder, and then define the insert variable.

Arithmetic operations

% modulus to judge odd even

/division has less than sign

The integer division is returned by dividing the integers

Logical operations




' Str '. IsDigit () is the ability to determine whether a string can be converted to a number

Boolean operations are false in the following cases!

[] Empty list

{} Empty Dictionary

() empty tuple, empty collection

' Empty string '


bitwise OPERATION = = binary operation

The list of copy-shallow copy relationships with deep copy is used in memory placeholder IDs to understand!

Fromkeys () in the dictionary

Create a new dictionary from the sequence key and value set to value.


The Python Dictionary (Dictionary) Fromkeys () function is used to create a new dictionary, which is the key to the dictionary of elements in the sequence SEQ, and value is the initial value corresponding to all keys in the dictionary.


Fromkeys () method syntax:

Dict.fromkeys (seq[, value]))


    • SEQ--Dictionary key value list.
    • Value--an optional parameter that sets the values of the key sequence (seq).

return value

The method returns a list.


The following example shows how the Fromkeys () function is used:


Seq = (' name ', ' age ', ' sex ')

Dict = Dict.fromkeys (seq)

Print "New Dictionary:%s"% str (DICT)

Dict = Dict.fromkeys (seq, 10)

Print "New Dictionary:%s"% str (DICT)

The result of the above example output is:

New Dictionary: {' age ': none, ' name ': none, ' Sex ': none}

New Dictionary: {' age ': Ten, ' name ': ten, ' Sex ': 10}

Python Full stack Python Foundation (quad) OP copy

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