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But Gae, Django does not export pyexcelerator directly to Excel as a method. My idea is to first import data into workbook and worksheet, if the save as a file can directly call the workbook save method, but Gae does not support local file operations, even if the picture can only be stored in the datastore, But we can sort of return to the image by returning the binary stream of Excel directly to the browser. This need to modify the workbook code, add a way to return to the binary stream, I gave him the name is Savestream, in the Savestream again call Compounddoc.xlsdoc Savestream method, but also increase their own. The code is as follows:
Workbook's Savestream:
Copy Code code as follows:

def savestream (self):
Import Compounddoc
doc = Compounddoc.xlsdoc ()
Return Doc.savestream (Self.get_biff_data ())

the Savestream method of Compounddoc.xlsdoc:
Copy Code code as follows:

def savestream (self, stream):
# 1. Align Stream on 0x1000 boundary (and therefore on sector boundary)
padding = ' \x00 ' * (0x1000-(len (stream)% 0x1000))
Self.book_stream_len = Len (stream) + len (padding)
Self.__build_directory ()
Self.__build_sat ()
Self.__build_header ()
s = ""
s = s + str (self.header)
s = s + str (self.packed_msat_1st)
s = s + str (stream)
s = s + str (padding)
s = s + str (self.packed_msat_2nd)
s = s + str (SELF.PACKED_SAT)
s = s + str (self.dir_stream)
return s

This allows you to return to the Excel file binary stream, the following is how the user requests to return the Excel file, I borrowed the PHP implementation method, the code is as follows:
Copy Code code as follows:

Class Main (WebApp. RequestHandler):
def get (self):
Self.sess = Session. Session ()
t_values[' user_id '] = self.sess[' userid ']
If Self.request.get (' export ') = = ' Excel ':
WB = Workbook ()
WS = Wb.add_sheet (U ' Statistic report ')
Font0 = Font ()
Font0.bold = True
Font0.height = 12*20;
Styletitle = Xfstyle ()
Styletitle.font = font0
Ws.write (0, 0, u "Date:" +begintime.strftime ('%y-%m-%d ') + "-" + endtime.strftime ('%y-%m-%d '), Styletitle)
self.response.headers[' content-type ' = "application/"
self.response.headers[' content-disposition ' = str ("attachment; Filename=%s.xls "%t_values[' user_id '])
self.response.headers[' Pragma ' = "No-cache"
self.response.headers[' Expires '] = "0"
Self.response.out.write (Wb.savestream ())

The effect can be seen in my love of the billing network Excel report.
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