Python---game login

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#!/usr/bin/env python#file: 2016-01-10import os,sys       //Import Module function wide = 50          //set width title  =  ' Cross fire '       //game name half =  (Wide - len ( title)  -2  // 2       //divisible print wide *  ' * ' print half *  ' * '  +  '   '  + title +  '   '  + half  *  ' * ' print wide *  ' * '                        //These three print is done by the game title While true:         name = raw_input ("please input your  Name to login for game: ")  .strip ()         if  len (name)  ==&Nbsp;0:        //If the game name is empty                  print  "you input enpty name,  please try again! "                 continue         if name ==  ' strike ':                 print  "Welcome, %s!"  %name                for  i in range (1,4):         //password enter three chance                           passwd = raw_input ("Please input your password:")  .strip ()                          if passwd ==  ' 123456 ':                                  print  "Congratulation, the game is about to  land! "                                  sys.exit ()           //input correctly jump out of the loop                          else:                                  print  "Your password is wrong, you  have three times, try again! "                                  i += 1                                  continue         else:                 key = raw_input ("Your account is not exist, do you  want to register?  (y/n)   ")  .strip ()        // Registration Information             &Nbsp;   if key ==  ' Y ':                         user = raw _input ("Please input your name for user:")  .strip ()                           password = raw_input ("Please input your new password:")  .strip ( )                          if len (user)  != 0 and len (password)  !=  0:      //account password is not empty                                   print  "ok, register over, your account is %s, password is %s,  and you can login game after five minute! "  % (User,password)                          if len (user)  == 0 or len ( Password)  == 0:      //account or password has an empty                                   print  "sorry, register account fail,  Program will exit! "                                  break

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Python---game login

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