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Staggered hierarchical relationship, just start feeling very messy did not want to understand, then finally caught the key. As long as the calculation of the depth of each level, it is good to do.

I define a rank, and when I go into a subfolder, let rank+1, walk through the subfolder rank-1.

The graph fully illustrates the recursion, the sequence of traversal, and the change in rank values: (Ugly point ...) )

Put the code below:

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Created on June 22, 2009

@author: dirful
Import OS
Class Dir (object):

def __init__ (self):
Self. CONST =0
Self. Space = ""
Self.list =[]
Def p (Self,url):
Files = Os.listdir (R ' +url)
For file in Files:
MyFile = URL + "\" +file
Size = Os.path.getsize (myfile)
If Os.path.isfile (myfile):
Self.list.append (str (self. Space) + "|____" +file + "" + str (size) + "\ n")
# Print str (self. Space) + "|____" +file + "" + str (size)

If Os.path.isdir (myfile):
Self.list.append (str (self. Space) + "|____" +file + "\ n")
#get into the Sub-directory,add "|"
Self. Space = self. Space+ "| "
SELF.P (myfile)
#when sub-directory of iteration is Finished,reduce "|"
Self. Space = self. SPACE[:-5]
Return self.list

def writelist (Self,url):
f = open (URL, ' W ')
F.writelines (Self.list)
print "OK"
F.close ()

if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':
D=dir ()
D.P ("E:/eclipse")
D.writelist ("C:3.txt")

The spanning tree is as follows. Without the good of Microsoft tree generation ....

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