Python getting started video tutorial

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1st Python Overview
2nd basic syntax
3rd lecture control statement
4th built-in data structure
5th modules and functions
6th talking about strings and Regular Expressions
7th process lecture files
8th Object-Oriented Programming
9th Exception Handling and program debugging
10th Python Database Programming
11th wxpython Development Environment
12th introduction to the wxpython framework
13th basic components
14th lecture menu, window, and dialog box
15th advanced controls
16th advanced features in wxpython
17th Python-based HTML Applications
18th talk about Python and XML
19th Python web development-Application of Django framework
20th application of Agile Methodology in Python-test-driven development
21st Python process and thread
22nd Python-Based System Management
23rd Python and Network Programming
25th image processing and Game Development
26th extend and embed the Python language
27th about Python in Windows

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