Python (i) |selenium + Python automated test environment setup

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Selenium is a web of automated testing tools, many learning function automation students began to prefer selenium, compared with QTP because it has many advantages:

* Free, no need to crack QTP and big headache

* Small, for different languages it's just a package, and QTP needs to download and install 1 + G programs.

* This is also the most important point, whether you are more familiar with C, Java, Ruby, Python, or all C #, you can complete automated testing via selenium, while QTP only supports VBS

* Multi-platform support: Windows, Linux, MAC, multi-browser support: IE, FF, Safari, opera, Chrome

* Support the execution of distributed test cases, can distribute test cases to different test machine execution, equivalent to the function of the dispenser.

Build platform Windows

The preparation tools are as follows:


Download python

Download Setuptools "Python's Basic Package tool"

# Download installation package and content

Download Pip "Python's installation package management tool"



Because the version is updated, Pyhton select 2.7.xx, Setuptools choose the version of your platform, Pip do not worry about tar.gz as available under Windows.

Window Installation steps:

1, Python installation, this does not explain, EXE file run installation can, since you choose Python, I believe you are familiar with Python, I install directory C:\Python27

2, Setuptools installation is also very simple, the same EXE file, the default will find the Python installation path, will be installed in the C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages directory.

Via the Setuptools connection provided above, drag the page to the bottom to find thesetuptools-21.2.2.tar.gz file (version will be updated with time version), unzip the file, Setuptools the path under the direct copy file contents to the new TXT file, the modified file name is called, enter the Windows command prompt to execute the

C:\setuptools-21.2.2>python No error indicates successful installation.

(If you are prompted that Python is not an internal or external command!) Don't worry, just configure the environment variable.)

Modify My Computer, properties, advanced-environment variable--the path in the system variable is:

Variable name: PATH

Variable value:; C:\Python27 and C:\Python27\Scripts

3, install PIP, I am the default decompression in the C:\pip-1.3.1 directory

4. Open a command prompt (start---cmd return) Enter the C:\pip-1.3.1 directory:

C:\pip-1.3.1 > Python install

5, then switch to the C:\Python27\Scripts directory input:

C:\Python27\Scripts > Easy_install pip

6, Installation Selenium, (: Https://

If it is connected, you can enter the command installation directly under C:\Python27\Scripts:

C:\Python27\Scripts > Pip install-u Selenium

If there is no Internet connection (this is generally not possible), download Selenium 2.33.0 (currently the latest version)

and unzip the entire directory into the C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages directory.

======= If you do not analyze the wedriver principle, the following two steps can be omitted =============

7. Download and install (Http:// what? You have not done Java, refer to other documents! It's not hard.

8. Download Selenium server ( found in the list on the left side of the page


Right! This is the thing, download it and unzip it;

In the Selenium-server-standalone-xxx.jar directory, use the command Java-jar Selenium-server-standalone-xxx.jar to start (if not open, to see if the port is occupied: netstat -aon|findstr 4444).


The above knowledge is picked to the blog Garden Pest Division, after the practice of revising some of the content released as a learning summary.

Python (i) |selenium + Python automated test environment setup

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