Python image processing (starting from installation pillow)

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python2.x and Below are PIL (Image processing Library is PIL (Python Image Library)), the latest version is 1.1.7 available in Download and learn.

However, from the website it is not supported python3.x

Pillow is from PIL (3.x supported), so import the library using import PIL

Because I am using Python 3.4 to download the Pillow

There are three ways to download third-party libraries, all of which were previously

The first of these methods

1 Download third-party package, unzip

2 Enter cmd at the command prompt, and then use the CD to enter the path to the third-party package

3 Input python build

4 Input python install

Low efficiency

So this time to install Pip and Easy_installer tools, through the code can be installed,

Installation can be referred to: or (with the official website address)

In addition to the corresponding official website also provides detailed installation tutorials (Mac os words really much faster)

Easy_installer Easy installation:

Windows (Simplified) (official website description)

For Windows without PowerShell 3 or for installation without a command-line, download using your preferred web Browser or other technique and "run" that file.

Save local after running is installed,

Pip Installation Method 1: download unzip, CD switch to pip directory, locate the file, then enter Python install

Final display

Installed d:\python34\lib\site-packages\pip-7.1.2
Processing dependencies for pip==7.1.2
Finished processing dependencies for pip==7.1.2

Method 2 (Recommended): After installing Easy_install, you can execute such a command.

C:\users\administrator>Easy_install pipsearching forpipbest Match:pip7.1.2processing pip-7.1.2-py3.4. Eggpip7.1.2  isAlready the active versionincheasy-install.pthinstalling script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling pip.exe script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling Pip.exe.manifest script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling pip3.exe script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling Pip3.exe.manifest script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling PIP3.4. exe script to D:\python34\ScriptsInstalling PIP3.4. exe.manifest script to D:\python34\ScriptsUsing d:\python34\lib\site-packages\pip-7.1.2-py3.4. eggprocessing Dependencies forpipfinished processing Dependencies forPip

Then the next step is to use the PIP (refer to

c:\users\administrator>pip install pillowcollecting Pillow  downloading Pillow-2.9.0- CP34-NONE-WIN32.WHL (1. 2MB)    100% |████████████████████████████████|  Installing collected packages:pillowsuccessfully installed Pillow-2.9.0

Then the pillow was installed successfully.

In Pillow's official website The tutorial also has the tutorial many installs the way to refer


C:\users\administrator>3.4.2 (v3.4.2"  Help" " Copyright""crefromimport  Image>>>

No error, indicating successful installation

Next you can start learning in, or refer to other people's blog will continue to the image processing example ~

Python image processing (starting from installation pillow)

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