Python implements a shell-based Quick query tool

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Requirement: Recently, I have to refer to the configuration documents/wiki/history/Notes/google to get a server address or password. It may be a complicated command that is commonly used but not too easy to call, I am also annoyed when the number of times is too high, which is inefficient and time-consuming and cannot afford to hurt


Modify: write frequently-used things that cannot be remembered to the text configuration. In shell, use a command + keyword to get the desired content.


Implementation Method:

1. Configuration File Format: yaml

Configure keywords, multi-line content, read, very convenient to use python


2. Create the index file cheatsheet. py

Easy to handle


3. install. sh



After implementation:



Subsequent improvements:

1. Fuzzy match

2. Read the index instead of creating the index each time

3. More friendly prompts


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