Python Learning Chapter 2nd

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1. String:

Create a string in Python we can use quotation marks ' or '.

Python accesses substrings, you can use square brackets to intercept strings:

var= "Hello world!"

Var2= "Runover"

Print ("var[0]:", var[0])

Print ("Var2[1:5]:")

The above code performs as follows:



Of course Python can also update the string:

var above

Print ("Updated string:", VAR[:6]+VAR2)

Execute the code as follows:

Updated string: Hello Runover, thus we can see that the string can be intercepted.

2. Operators:

Python is easy for other languages, one of which is the string operator:

As String A=java B=python, there are

+ Character channeling Link: a+b output is Javapython

* Duplicate output string: A*2 output is also Javajava

[] Get the characters in a string by index: a[1] The output is E

[:] Intercepting part of a string: A[1:4] Output is AVA

In member operator (if the string contains the given character returns true): The output of H in a is 1 (1 is true,0 to flase)

The not in transverse is obviously the last inverse;

% format string: This is more complicated, we'll explain in more detail below

The most basic usage of% is to insert a value into a character that has the string format character%s:

Print ("My name%s this year%d years"% (' Ti Xiaodong ', 20)) The output is also my name Ti Xiaodong this year 20 years old

% and multiple letter combinations have different effects such as the following:

%c: Formatting characters and their ASC11

%d: Formatted integer

%u: Formatting unsigned integers

%o: Formatting octal

%x: Format 16-bit

%f: Formatting floating point

%p: Using 16-bit binary format variable address


Python Learning Chapter 2nd

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