Python Learning Notes (threading Performance stress test)

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It's a new week.

Continuation of last week's progress on multi-process learning

Today under the practice

The initial design of the interface performance pressure test code is as follows:

1 #!/usr/bin/env python2 #-*-coding:utf_8-*-3 4 ImportThreading5 ImportRequests6 Import Time7 ImportRe8  fromTimeImportSleep9 Ten #-------Interface Performance test configuration------- OneMETHOD ="Post" A #interface Type -URL ="http://localhost:8081/swcw/back/sysLogin.action" - #Interface Address thedata = {"username":"Admin","Password":"123456"} - #Interface Parameters -Thread_num = 20 - #Number of Threads +One_work_num = 2 - #number of cycles per thread +Loop_sleep = 1 A #time interval per request atResponse_time = [] - #Average response Time list -Error = [] - #List of error messages -  -  in classCreateThread: -     def __init__(self): to         Pass +  - @classmethod the     defThread_api (CLS): *         GlobalResults $         Try:Panax Notoginseng             ifmethod = ="Post": -Results (URL, data) the             ifmethod = ="Get": +Results =requests.get (URL, data) A             returnResults the         exceptrequests. Connectionerror: +             returnResults -     #interface Functions $  $ @classmethod -     defThread_response (CLS): -ResponseTime = float (Createthread.thread_api (). Elapsed.microseconds)/1000 the         returnResponseTime -     #Get response time Unit MsWuyi  the @classmethod -     defThread_response_avg (CLS): WuAVG = 0.000 -L =Len (response_time) About          forNuminchResponse_time: $Avg + = 1.000 * num/L -         returnavg -     #get average corresponding time unit MS -  A @classmethod +     defThread_time (CLS): the         returnTime.asctime (Time.localtime (Time.time ())) -     #get the current time format $  the @classmethod the     defThread_error (CLS): the         Try: thePA = u"Personal Information" -Pattern =Re.compile (PA) inMatch (Createthread.thread_api (). Text) the             ifCreatethread.thread_api (). Status_code = = 200: the                 Pass About        () = =PA: the                     Pass the             Else: the Error.append (Createthread.thread_api (). Status_code) +         exceptAttributeerror: -Error.append ("Logon Failure") the     #get the error return status codeBayi  the @classmethod the     defthread_work (CLS): -ThreadName =Threading.currentthread (). GetName () -         Print "[", ThreadName,"] Sub Thread Begin" the          forIinchRange (one_work_num): the Createthread.thread_api () the             Print "interface Request time:", Createthread.thread_time () the Response_time.append (Createthread.thread_response ()) - Createthread.thread_error () the Sleep (loop_sleep) the         Print "[", ThreadName,"] Sub Thread End" the     #worker thread Looping94  the @classmethod the     defThread_main (CLS): theStart =time.time ()98Threads = [] About          forIinchRange (thread_num): -t = Threading. Thread (target=createthread.thread_work ())101 T.setdaemon (True)102 threads.append (t)103          forTinchThreads:104 T.start () the         #Start All Threads106          forTinchThreads:107 T.join ()108         #waiting for all child threads to exit in the main thread109End =time.time () the 111         Print "========================================================================" the         Print "interface Performance Test start time:", Time.asctime (Time.localtime (start))113         Print "Interface Performance test end time:", Time.asctime (Time.localtime (end)) the         Print "Interface Address:", the URL the         Print "interface Type:", Method the         Print "Number of threads:", Thread_num117         Print "number of cycles per thread:", One_work_num118         Print "time interval per request:", Loop_sleep119         Print "Total number of requests:", Thread_num *One_work_num -         Print "Number of error requests:", Len (Error)121         Print "total elapsed time (seconds):", End-Start122         Print "time-consuming (seconds) per request:", (End-start)/(Thread_num *one_work_num)123         Print "number of host requests per second (TPS):", (Thread_num * one_work_num)/(End-start)124         Print "Average response Time (ms):", Createthread.thread_response_avg () the 126 127 if __name__=='__main__': -Createthread.thread_main ()

Python Learning Notes (threading Performance stress test)

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