Python Learning Path A common method of-string strings

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Uppercase and lowercase conversions

1 __author__="Kuankuan"2 Print("name is Jankinyu". Capitalize ())#Convert to first letter capitalization3 Print("name is Jankinyu". Title ())#To title Form Name is Jankinyu4 Print("NAMW". Lower ())#Convert to lowercase5 Print("name". Upper ())#Convert to uppercase6 Print("Name". Swapcase ())#uppercase to lowercase lowercase to uppercase7 """8 Output Result:9 Name is JankinyuTen Name is Jankinyu One NAMW A NAME - NAME - """

String judgments

1 __author__="Kuankuan"2 Print("name is Jankinyu". StartsWith ("name"))#to have a. True if correct start3 Print("name is Jankinyu". EndsWith ("Jankinyu"))#to have a. True if the end is correct4 Print("ASD". Isalpha ())#true if it is a letter5 Print("123". IsDigit ())#true if it is a number6 Print("asd123". Isalnum ())#true if it is a number or a letter7 Print("JJK". Isidentifier ())#determine if the legal variable name is valid for true8 Print(" ". Isspace ())#Space-->true9 Print("My Name is Jankinyu". Istitle ())#title-->trueTen Print("My Name is Jankinyu". Isprintable ())#printable TTY file, drive file-->true One Print("A". Isupper ())#Uppercase-->true A Print("a". Islower ())#lowercase-->true

Output display

1 __author__="Kuankuan"2 Print(",". Join (["1","2","3"]))#Connection3 #->1,2,34 Print("name is Jankinyu". Split ())#split into a list with a default splitter character as a space5 #->[' name ', ' is ', ' Alex '6 Print("name\n is\r\n Jankinyu". Splitlines ())#split into list, default splitter is carriage return7 #->[' name ', ' is ', ' Alex '8 Print("name". Center (50,"-"))#Center content, padding on both sides9 #-----------------------name-----------------------Ten Print("name". Ljust (50,"*"))#content on the left, filled with * One #->name********************************************** A Print("name". Rjust (50,"-"))#content on the right, to-fill - #----------------------------------------------name - Print("name". Zfill (50))#content on the right, filled with 0 the #->0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000name - Print("name Is\t Jankinyu". Expandtabs (TABSIZE=18))#set ' \ t ' width - #->name is Jankinyu - Print("I am from {city},and {years}". Format (city="Kuankuan", year=18))#Formatting + #->i am from Wuhan,and to years old - Print("I am from {city},and {years}". Format_map ({" City":"Kuankuan"," Year": 18}))#Dictionary parameter Formatting + #->i am from Wuhan,and to years old A Print("\nname". Lstrip ())#Remove left carriage return and space->name at Print("name\n". Rstrip ())#Remove right carriage return and space->name - Print("name\n". Strip ())#Remove both carriage returns and spaces->name - Print("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")

Find replacements

1 __author__="Kuankuan"2p = Str.maketrans ("ABC","123")#Create translation Dictionaries3 Print(Type (p))#--><class ' dict ' >4 Print("ABC". Translate (p))#translation, Parameters: Dict-->1235 Print("name is Jankinyu". replace ("N","N"))#Replace-->name is Jankinyu6 Print("name is Jankinyu". Count ("I"))#Character Count-->27 Print("name is Jankinyu". Find ("N"))#Find, return subscript, no then return-1-->28 Print("name is Jankinyu". RFind ("N"))#start looking for-->13 on the right9 Print("name is Jankinyu". Index ("N"))#returns the index, does not exist the error-->0Ten Print("name is Jankinyu". Rindex ("N"))#start looking for-->13 on the right One """ A Output Result: - <class ' dict ' > - 123 the Name is Jankinyu - 2 - 0 -  - + 0 -  - + """

Python Learning Path A common method of-string strings

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