Python Learning record-2016-11-29

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Today's learning Record:

Chicken Soup of the Soul:

To have the right goals, a goal to achieve a goal, avoid ambitious;

The best investment is to invest in yourself;

Realize your Dreams

Study, study, and learn;

Talk is cheap.

In terms of itself, more than 30 had been, engaged in the testing industry for more than 77 years, 1.5 Huawei outsourcing router, two years wireless WiFi test, 1.5 network management software testing, one year automated Test Manager, the implementation of the company automated testing process, from the beginning of Tcl, to now Python, 工欲善其事 its prerequisite, So oneself to study, overall I think my goal is always forward, constantly changing, but the direction and no big mistake, some tired, so recently some slack, today lectures, feel and hair, hope can continue to go on, the more walk better, 35 years old, annual salary 60w+ ... It seems that the target is not high, but it is the best for you.

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Python Learning record-2016-11-29

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