Python learns to "Get user device Information"---Django Request extension

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about Django Request extension "Get user device Information"

Installed_apps = [   ... ' App01 ',   # Register App]staticfiles_dirs = (Os.path.join (base_dir, "statics"),  # Now add the configuration, here is the tuple, note the comma templates = [   ...   ' DIRS ': [Os.path.join (Base_dir, ' templates ')],]

From Django.contrib import adminfrom django.urls import pathfrom django.conf.urls import URL, includefrom app01 import vie Wsurlpatterns = [   # get device info ' purely test ' url (r ' ^testdevice.html ', Views.testdevice),]

From django.shortcuts import Render, Redirectfrom APP01 import models# test device Information def testdevice (request):    # The request here is an object    print (type request)   # <class ' django.core.handlers.wsgi.WSGIRequest ' > from    DJANGO.CORE.HANDLERS.WSGI Import wsgirequest    print (' Request related information: ', Request.environ)  # environ All the information    requested Print (' Device info: ', request.environ.get ("Http_user_agent"))  # All returned is a dictionary return    httpresponse ("OK")


page display;

Application Scenario : Page rendering is different depending on how mobile and PC-side access works

Python learns to "Get user device Information"---Django Request extension

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