Python, let's get along well.

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For the course of Python, under the teacher's instruction, in a classic example of a teacher, I found that python operations are actually more concise and convenient than the C language for programming courses. Just for me, it can keep my mind up, and in general I can understand it in class. But actually I have to work harder. For all programming courses, the actual operation is more important, no matter what time, you know the meaning of the idea, but the actual operation will meet a variety of problems, only in practice we can progress faster.

But one thing I am still very happy, in class I can keep up with the content of the teacher, although I in the practice class on the machine when there will be problems, but in a little correcting my existing problems, I have a more sober understanding of my existence, to find my problems, correct my problems, I think I can get more out of my program than I do. Feel good to finish this course, I can also say that I am no longer a programming small white, basic programming skills should still be able to master some of it, I will work hard.

Here, I want to talk about my expectations of this course. It's not a suggestion, because up until now we've only had a two-week course, just a little bit of an idea. Hope that the teacher in the teaching can be more than some classic cases, more about the application of Python in real life, will python this course to make more grounding gas some, but also let us have more interest in this course. (But this is the teacher 's call, the teacher's class is very interesting.) )

Python, let's get along well.

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