Python--numpy Installation

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1.Numpy Introduction

The NumPy system is an open-source numerical extension of Python, a scientific computing package implemented in Python.

2. Download

: Https://

Since my Python version is 3.6, the download of the NumPy 1.13.1,windows version is 64-bit

2. Installation

Place the downloaded WHL suffix file in the same folder as the Pip file

3. Installing using the PIP command

Open the command under the folder where Pip is located, and enter the following command:

Pip Install NUMPY-1.13.1-CP36-NONE-WIN_AMD64.WHL

4. Test validation

Still the old way, directly import numpy can test whether the installation is successful

5. The installation process made a black dragon, resulting in PIP file installation failure error, but also learned another point of knowledge

For a long time did not touch their computers have forgotten their computer's number of bits, thought is 32-bit, so downloaded the NumPy 32-bit files, resulting in the PIP command installation failed, reported the following error:

A supported wheel on this platform

Search the Internet and found a blog has taught how to solve the problem:


According to this blog I also try to view the version supported by PIP: Enter in the command character

python Import Pipprint (pip.pep425tags.get_supported ())

See the supported version of a face, how to support 64-bit, the computer is clearly 32 ah, hurriedly checked the next computer version:

See this I really hehe, is really 64 bit, so hurriedly deleted the re-download 64-bit file installation, sure enough, there is no error, installation success

Python--numpy Installation

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