Python path-Object oriented

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I. Object-oriented

1. Object-oriented and process-oriented comparisons

The process of focusing on the problem-solving procedure is a mechanical way of thinking, which is realized by pipelining.

Object-oriented objects are a combination of features and skills, and object-oriented is a simulation of the real world, like

God creates the world.

Process-oriented advantages can be complex problems of the process, simplification, the advantages of object-oriented is strong scalability.

2. Classes and objects

Class and object relationships: A class is a combination of a series of object-similar features and skills.

The real world: existing specific objects---------------"Summary of similarities------------" formation of the class

Program: Define class--------------call class to produce object


Note: 1. Classes and functions are different, classes are executed during the definition phase, and namespaces are generated and viewed with _dict_

2. Class name parentheses, which produce an object of a class, is called instantiation

3. Inheritance of Classes

4. Characteristics of Inheritance:

1. Resolves a problem where class and class code are duplicated.

2. Derive the new attribute in the subclass, whichever is your own.

3. Reuse the functionality of the parent class within a new method derived from the subclass: Call People._init_ directly

Python path-Object oriented

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