Python reads data from Excel tables

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1. Install the third-party module XLRD on the Windows command line, first cut to the Python installation directory (PYTHON34), then cut to scripts, then enter the command Easy_install XLRD Press ENTER to install

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Installation Complete

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2. Create a new Excel table, then save and create the data

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3. Writing a Python script

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Import Xlrd #导入第三方模块xlrd

Excel = Xlrd.open_workbook (' c:\\ table. xlsx ') #打开目标表格文件 (fill in the path)

Sheet = excel.sheets () [0] #打开表格文件中的第一张表格, index starting from 0

nrows = Sheet.nrows #获取第一张表格的行数赋值给nrows

For I in Range (nrows): #用一个for循环遍历所有的行数

Print (Sheet.row_values (i)) #打印所有遍历到的行数的内容

Print (Sheet.col_values (1)) #打开第一张表格的第二列

4.f5 Run, Run results

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5. Get the contents of the specified number of rows and columns in Excel

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Print (Sheet.cell)

Run results

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Python reads data from Excel tables

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