Python reference issues

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1. Absolute reference, relative reference (Absolute_import and relative import)

Suppose the import sys in, is the sys of the current directory referenced, or the SYS in the standard library? Take a look.

Import SYS print str (SYS), are empty files.

Take a look at the results

Bogon:package licong$ python-m package.lala'package.sys'from'  package/sys.pyc'>

As you can see, Python is a module that follows Sys.path's priority and stops loading if found, and Sys.path is the current directory, so this is the so-called implicit relative reference.

Fortunately, in python2.5 we provide a way to modify this behavior, and take a look at revision changed to

 from __future__ Import Absolute_import Import SYS print str (SYS)

Look at the results.

Bogon:package licong$ python-m package.lala'sys' (built-in) >

The difference is just adding the from __future__ import absolute_import this sentence

What if we want to use the SYS module of the current directory? Can be resolved by a relative reference to the display. revision changed to

 from __future__ Import Absolute_import Import SYS  from Import sys as haha Print str (SYS) print str (haha)

Bogon:package licong$ python-m package.lala'sys' (built-in' Package.sys '  from ' Package/sys.pyc '>

Summarize some of the reference methods in the package, or examples of file structures in the example

Import Package.sys Absolute References
Import Package.sys Absolute references and binding aliases
An absolute reference that can be substituted from the package import sys
Import SYS implicit relative reference
From. Relative reference for import sys display

2. Circular Import Issues

 from Import g def x ():     Pass

 from Import x def g ():     Pass

The above two files execute any one of the files will be error, for reasons of example

1. Execution of C1,
2.c1 the first line needs to refer to the G in C2, execute the C2
3.c2 the first row refers to X in C1 and executes C1
4. Because C1 does not perform, X does not exist
5. Error

Give me a better example.

Print " a in " Import SYS Print " B Imported:%s " % ("b"  in Sys.modules,)import  b  print"aout"

Print " b in " Import a Print " b out "  = 3


In onb Imported:truea outb outa out

If you add a in the
Print b.x

The error will be

The reason is that X will only exist after B out, and a out will execute print b.x, while a out is before B out.

1 deferred Import

 from Import g def x ():     return g () print x ()

def g ():     return 123fromimport x

However, the premise of this modification is that the G function does not depend on C1

2. Import to write inside the function

def x ():      from Import g     return g () print x ()

def g ():      from Import x      return 123

This will load the response module only when the function is executed, but if you have multiple functions that depend on other modules, you will need to write multiple times and be very foolish.

3. Package
The first thing to be clear, if not in the package, is not a relative reference to this situation.
If it is in the package, the above problem is a workaround (because the package is a whole, each component of the package does not make any sense, but not the package each file can be executed independently)

Assuming that the package structure is

Solutions 1
Use import without using from import

Import package.b def x ():     Pass def haha ():     print package.b.g ()

Import Package.a def g ():     return 123

You can see, it worked.

Import package.a>>> package.a'package.a' from' Package/a.pyc '>>>> package.a.haha ()

Solutions 2
Write from import to

 from import A, b

Import  Package def x ():     Pass def haha ():     print package.b.g ()

Import  Package def g ():     return 123

The result is the same.

Python reference issues

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