Python Run script

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The contents of the table can be read first and then iterated from monitor.models import *import xlrddata = Xlrd.open_workbook ('/home/mypj/ip.xls ') Table = Data.sheet_by_name (' MPLS ') Table = Data.sheet_by_name (' DIA ') t = table.row_valuesiplist =[ipinfo_model (order_id=t (i) [ 0], ipaddr=t (i) [1], mask=t (i) [2], customer=t (i) [3], addr=t (i) [4], line_no=t (i) [5], pe=t (i) [6], pe_port=t (i) [7], sw=t (i ) [8], sw_port=t (i) [9], bw=t (i) [ten], as_no=t (i) [one], vender=t (i) [[], Baoxiu=t (i) [+]) for I in Range (1,table.nrows)] Ipinfo_model.objects.bulk_create (iplist) data = Xlrd.open_workbook ('/home/mypj/vrf.xls ') Table = Data.sheet_by_name (  ' VRF ') t = table.row_values iplist =[vrf_model (customer=t (i) [0], vrf_name=t (i) [1], vrf_rd=t (i) [2], yongtu=t (i) [3]) for I In range (1,table.nrows)]vrf_model.objects.bulk_create (iplist) pingiplist =[ping_model (line=t (i) [0], Hostname=t (i) [ 1], port=t (i) [2], local_ip=t (i) [3], dest_ip=t (i) [4], vrf=t (i) [5],) for I in range (1,table.nrows)]ping_ Model.objects.bulk_create (IPList) hostiplist =[host_model (host=t (i) [0], HostIP=t (i) [1],) for I in range (1,table.nrows)]host_model.objects.bulk_create (iplist) Host_model 

User authentication:

#用户登录测试from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_requiredfrom django.contrib Import auth

Add the following code to the views:

#这里登录def Account_login (Request):    username = Request. Post.get (' username ')    password = Request. Post.get (' password ') #登录    user = Auth.authenticate (username=username,password=password) #如果登录不为空    if user is Not None:        auth.login (request,user)    #转到特定页面        return httpresponseredirect ('/ipinfo/') Else:        return Render_to_response (' index.html ', {' err ': ' Wrong username or password! '},context_instance=requestcontext (Request)) # Page to exit Def logout (Request): #退出登录    auth.logout (Request)    return  httpresponseredirect ('/') # If you want to have all the pages enabled for login detection, do not log on to allow access, direct access to the login page # before each method add this modifier @login_required def ipinfo (request): XXXXXX


Python Run script

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