python-Sharing Module Code

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Overview: share a function module that defines an output multi-list element.

1. First create a folder for the template

Edit the file with the following content:

def print_lol(the_list):    forin the_list:        if isinstance(each_item,list):            print_lol(each_item)        else:            print(each_item)
2. Create a file named "" in the new folder

The source code is as follows

fromimport setupsetup(        ‘nester‘,        ‘1.0.0‘,        py_moudles = [‘nester‘],        ‘csuldw‘,        ‘[email protected]‘,        ‘‘,        ‘A simple printer of nested lists‘,)

Now you have a folder that contains two files: the template code is placed in, and the metadata about the template is placed in the Now to build your release.

3. Build a publishing file

Running on CentOS

python2 sdist

The following information will appear

4. Install the publication to your local python copy

Terminal execution:

The release is ready

Pre-installation folder Nester only and two files, after installation: Dist MANIFEST nester.pyc four files.

5. Testing

In Terminal input:

import nesterlists=[["xuxu",1991,"huanhua","hunau"],"ldw","csu"]print_lol(lists)

The third line error occurs because the Python template implements the namespace, which is used as an identifier
The correct command to invoke Print_lol should be:



Reference: "Head first Python" Barry.

python-Sharing Module Code

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