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Python provides two levels of access to network services.

The low-level network service supports the basic socket, which provides the standard BSD Sockets API to access all the methods of the underlying operating system socket interface.
The high-level Network Service module, Socketserver, provides a server-centric class that simplifies the development of network servers.

What is a Socket?

A socket is also called a socket, and an application usually makes a request to the network through a "socket" or responds to a network request, making it possible to communicate between hosts or between processes on a computer.

Socket () function

In Python, we use the socket () function to create a socket with the following syntax:

Socket.socket ([family[, type[, Proto]])


Family: The socket family can make Af_unix or af_inet
Type: The socket type can be divided into sock_stream or sock_dgram depending on whether it is connection-oriented or non-connected
Protocol: General does not fill the default is 0.

The socket enables simple communication between the server and the client (simulating some of SSH's functions and auto-answering)

Example of a simple program on the server side:

#!/usr/bin/env python#coding:utf-8 ' File:server.pydate:9/8/17 3:43 pmauthor:lockeyemail:lockey@123.comdesc: Socket programming server side, python3.6.2 ' import reimport socket,time,oss = Socket.socket () # Create socket Object host = ' ' #socket. Get hostname () # get local hostname port = 9999 # Set port S.bind ((host, Port)) # Bind Port S.listen (5) # Wait for client to connect while true:conn, addr = S.A. Ccept () # establishes a client connection. Print (' conneted address: '. Decode (' Utf-8 '), addr) #显示连接到服务器的客户端的地址 while true:data = Conn.recv (1024x768) #接收到的客户端的请求或者返回 if   Not data: #当返回信息为空或者请求为空时断开客户端连接 print (' Connection closed! ') Break data = Data.decode (' utf-8 ') #以下前三个条件都是设置的自动检测应答, the last one is executed according to the input content, and returns the result to the client if Re.findall (R ' who ', data): reply = ' I a M Lockey '. Encode (' Utf-8 ') elif Re.findall (R ' Gender ', data): reply = ' A boy '. Encode (' Utf-8 ') elif Re.findall (R ' age ', data   ): reply = ' all '. Encode (' Utf-8 ') else:print (' Execute com: ', data) Cmd_res = Os.popen (data). Read () If not cmd_res: #对于命令的执行如果没有返回值的话就给客户端发送一条信息 conn.send (' No response '. Encode (' UTf-8 ') Continue reply = Cmd_res.encode (' utf-8 ') conn.send (reply) #将结果发送给客户端 

A simple implementation of the client side:

#!/usr/bin/env python#coding:utf-8 ' File:client.pydate:9/8/17 3:43 pmauthor:lockeyemail:lockey@123.comdesc: Socket programming client, python3.6.2 ' import socket,time    # import Socket Module s = socket.socket ()   # Create socket Object host = ' ' #s Ocket.gethostname () # get local hostname port = 9999    # set Port good S.connect ((host, Port)) while true:cmd = input ("lockey#") #用户输入 If Len (cmd) = = 0:continue #如果用户未输入内容则继续下一次输入 s.send (Cmd.encode (' Utf-8 ')) #将用户输入的内容发送给客户端等待结果 result = S.RECV (1024x768) if not Resul T: #如果服务端没有返回结果则继续下一次输入  Continue print (Result.decode (' Utf-8 ')) #如果服务端有返回则打印结果s. Close () #用户终止程序时关闭连接

Server-side Run results

Client Run

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