Python Study Notes (1): initial experience

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Official introduction:Python is a simple, easy-to-learn and powerful programming language. It has an efficient High-Level Data Structure and implements Object-Oriented Programming simply and effectively. Python's concise syntax and support for Dynamic Input, coupled with the essence of explanatory language, make it an ideal scripting language in many fields on most platforms, it is especially suitable for fast application development.

Creators:Guido van rosum.

Its features:Simple, easy to learn, free, open-source, high-level language, portability, explanatory, object-oriented, scalable, embedded, and rich library.

I think its biggest characteristic is that the installation file is small, you can go to the official website to download the latest version for Windows users 3.1.2, the file size is 13.4 MB. Installation is very simple, double-click the Installation File python-3.1.2.msi, all the way to next. The System Menu Bar contains the following items:

Idle is a built-in simple development tool. It can be a command line, or you can edit a py file and press F5 to run it.

Python manuals is a user manual that provides Python-related information. You can read it to learn python.

My first command line program:

My first py file: click File> new windows to open a new window. You can start to write the code. After saving the code, click Run> RUN module or press the shortcut key F5, you can see the running result.

The simple experience is over. We will continue to learn more in the future.

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