Python Time module timing and datetime

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Universal Time Format:     1. Timestamp (timestamp)  import time   time.time ()    1970-Current     2. Formatted time string     3. Tuple (struct_time) Total nine elements          time.localtime ()   View nine elements          Nine elements are as follows:            tm_year=2016,    Year             tm_mon=5,         month (1-12)             tm_mday=6,        Day (1-31)              tm_hour=14,      hours (0-23)              tm_min=32,       min (0-59)              tm_sec=12,       seconds (0 to 61  (60 or 61  are leap seconds)              tm_wday=4,       weeks (0-6)              tm_yday=127,     The first day of the Year (1-266)             tm_isdst=-1       is daylight saving time: The default is-1 timezone setting:     1.UTC (Coordinated universal time, World coordination Time) is Greenwich Astronomical time, world standard Time. China is utc+8.     2.DST (daylight saving time) is daylight saving time. Time Module Method: Time.time ()       view timestamp time.timezone ()   View timeframe (unit: seconds) Time.sleep ()       Stop seconds Timestamp conversion narimoto Group format: time.gmtime ()     timestamp conversion narimoto Group type format; default conversion current UTC time. Time.localtime () timestamp conversion Cheng Yuanju type format; default conversion local utc+8 time. Tuple time format converted to timestamp time.mktime ()     tuple format converted to timestamp format time; print (Time.mktime (Time.localtime ())) Tuple time format converted to string time.strftime ()   tuple format converted to latticePrint (Time.strftime ("%y-%m-%d %h:%m:%s", X))   x is a tuple format, no x default current time string conversion Narimoto group time format time.strptime ()   formatted string conversion narimoto group format; print (Time.strptime ("2017-10-30 10:30:30", "%y-%m-%d %h:%m:%s")) Timestamp converted to string format: print (Time.asctime ())             return string time format (week   month   Day   hours: minutes: Seconds   years) Time.ctime ()                       return string time format (weeks   month   Day   hours: minutes: seconds   years) " DateTime Module Method: Import datetime,timeprint ( ())                         #返回现在的时间print ( (Time.time ()))       #时间戳转成日期格式print ( () + datetime.timedelta (3))     #当前日期 + 3 days print ( () + datetime.timedelta ( -3))    #当前日期-3 days print ( () +datetime.timedelta (hours=3))    #当前时间 + 3-hour print ( () + Datetime.timedelta (minutes=-30))    #当前时间-30 min now_time = () print (Now_ Time) print (Now_time.replace (year=2016,month=6,day=6,hour=6,minute=6,second=6))     #时间替换时间格式符号参照% a     local (locale) simplified week name%a     Local full week name%b     Local simplified month name% b     Local Full month name%c     local corresponding date and time represents the day ordinal of the%d     one month (01  - 31)%h     hours of the day (24-hour system, 00 - 23)%i     The first few hours (12 hours, 01 - 12)%j     the Day of the Year (001 - 366)%m     Month (01 - 12)%m     minutes (00 - 59)%p     local AM or PM's corresponding character     %s     seconds (01 - 61)      two%u      the number of weeks in a year. (00 - 53Sunday is the beginning of one weeks. All days before the first Sunday are placed in the No. 0 week.      three%w     the day of the one week (0 - 6,0 is Sunday)      three%w      and%u are basically the same, unlike the%w, which began in Monday for one weeks. %x     Local corresponding date%x     local corresponding time%y     remove the year of the Century (00 -  99)%y     full year%z     the name of the time zone (if not present as a null character)%%     '% ' character three time format relationship transformation:

Python Time module timing and datetime

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