Python to increase the function of Nagios micro-alarm Notification

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Nagios powerful alarm function now has a new play, the idea is to call the micro-trust Platform API interface to send the alarm message. There are a few things to do before the formal operation. To install Nagios First, you can use the Nagios one-click installation script that I provided. Then to the micro-trust public platform to apply for an enterprise number, I applied for the organization, no certification can also be used. Finally log on to the public platform to add the Address Book, and create a new application (such as Nagios), which is used after the ID of the application. User permissions what set themselves.

Micro-letter Script

After Nagios and micro-trust platforms are ready, download the micro-mail command script. Right-click to download, save. Then upload to Nagios server, such as/usr/local/nagios/python/weixin directory, set file permissions to executable. To create a new file in the/usr/local/nagios/python/weixin directory, add the following configuration.

#coding: Utf-8

Corpid= ' xxxxx '
secret= ' Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx '


Touser= ' '
These two corpid and secret can be obtained by logging on to the micro-trust public platform and opening the added application (for example, Nagios).

The parameters passed by the micro-letter script command are segmented by the "-@@-" symbol, which can refer to my GitHub address:

Nagios Configuration

The following is the general configuration on the Nagios.

commands.cfg command file to add the Weixin command:

Define command{
    command_name notify-host-by-weixin
    command_line/usr /local/nagios/python/weixin/ "host-@@-$NOTIFICATIONTYPE $-@@-$HOSTNAME $-@@-$HOSTSTATE $-@@-$ hostaddress$-@@-$HOSTOUTPUT $-@@-$CONTACTALIAS $ "
Define command{
    command_name Notify-service-by-weixin
    command_line/usr/local/nagios/python/weixin/ " service-@@-$NOTIFICATIONTYPE $-@@-$SERVICEDESC $-@@-$HOSTALIAS $-@@-$HOSTADDRESS $-@@-$SERVICESTATE $-@@-$ serviceoutput$-@@-$CONTACTALIAS $ "
Templates.cfg template file Add a contact Template:

Define Contact{
Name Weixin-contact
Service_notification_period 24x7
Host_notification_period 24x7
Service_notification_options w,u,c,r,f,s
Host_notification_options d,u,r,f,s
Service_notification_commands Notify-service-by-weixin
Host_notification_commands Notify-host-by-weixin
Register 0
Contacts.cfg contact to add a micro-letter to notify the contact, where the alias name and the micro-trust in the public platform Address Book name account will be sent successfully.

Define Contact{
Contact_Name Zhangnq-weixin
Use Weixin-contact
Alias Zhangnq
Finally, when the service is configured to add zhangnq-weixin This contact person can be sent through the micro-mail alarm message

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