Python traverses the serial number and value in the list (three methods), python serial number

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Python traverses the serial number and value in the list (three methods), python serial number

Three methods are used to traverse the serial numbers and values in the list:

I recently learned the python language and felt that it has greatly improved my work efficiency. I wrote this blog on Valentine's Day. I will not talk about it here, but I will post it directly.

#! /Usr/bin/env python #-*-coding: UTF-8-*-if _ name _ = '_ main _': list = ['html ', 'js', 'css ', 'python'] # method 1 print method 1: 'For I in list: print ("Sn: % s value: % s "% (list. index (I) + 1, I) print '\ n traversal list Method 2:' # method 2 for I in range (len (list): print ("No: % s value: % s "% (I + 1, list [I]) # method 3 print '\ n traversal list method 3:' for I, val in enumerate (list): print ("No.: % s value: % s" % (I + 1, val )) # method 3 print '\ n traverse list method 3 (set the start position of traversal and only change the start sequence number):' for I, val in enumerate (list, 2 ): print ("Sn: % s value: % s" % (I + 1, val ))

The result after running the code is shown in:

Here we will introduce the enumerate () method and view it through the help () function. The query results are as follows:

The second parameter of the enumerate () function only changes the starting value of the sequence number and does not change other parameters.

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