Python upgrade 3.6 Powerful django+ killer xadmin build online education platform

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The 1th chapter of the course introduction1-1 Project presentation and course introduction;

2nd. Building a development environment under Windows2-1 installation of Pycharm, navicat and Python interpreters;2-2 virtualenv installation and configuration;simple use of 2-3 pycharm and Navicat;The 3rd chapter reviews the Django basics through the message board function3-1 Django Directory Introduction3-2 Configuring form pages3-3 Django ORM Introduction and model design3-4 Django Model additions and deletions3-5 Django URL templates configuration4th Requirements Analysis and model design4-1 precautions before using Python3.6 and Django1.11 to develop systems (Supplemental section)4-2 Considerations for starting a course with Django2.04-3 Django-app Design4-4 New Project4-5 Custom UserProfile4-6 user design4-7 Course Design4-8 Organization Design4-9 Operation Models.pty Design4-10 Data sheet generation and Apps directory creationThe 5th chapter quickly builds the backstage management system through the Xadmin5-1 Django Admin Introductioninstallation of 5-2 xadminmodel registration for the 5-3 users app5-4 remaining app model registrationsglobal configuration of the 5-5 xadmin6th Chapter User Registration function Realization6-1 homepage and login page configuration6-2 User Login-16-3 User Login-26-4 Login with form-16-5 Login with form-26-6 session and cookie automatic login mechanism6-7 User Registration-16-8 User Registration-26-9 User Registration-36-10 User Registration-46-11 Recover Password (1)6-12 Recover Password (2)7th Chapter The function realization of the course organization7-1 Django Templates template inheritance 17-2 Django templates template inheritance 27-3 Course Institutions List page data show 17-4 Course Institutions List data show 27-5 List Paging function7-6 List filtering features7-7 Modelform Submit I want to study consulting 17-8 Modelform Submit I want to study consulting 27-9 Institutional Details Show-17-10 Structure Details Show-27-11 Institutional Details Show-37-12 Course Organization collection functionThe 8th chapter of the course function show8-1 Course List8-2 Lesson Details page 18-3 Course Details 28-4 Course Chapter Information 18-5 Course Chapter Information 28-6 Course Review features8-7 related Courses He UI Jian8-8 Video Playback pageThe 9th chapter of the course Lecturer function Realization9-1 Lecturers List page9-2 Instructor Details Page 19-3 Instructor Details Page 210th Chapter Personal Center and Global search function realization10-1 Configuring Global Navigation10-2 Global Search feature development10-3 Personal Information display10-4 Changing the password and changing the Avatar 110-5 Changing the password and changing the Avatar 210-6 modifying mailbox and user Information 110-7 modifying mailbox and user Information 210-8 My courses10-9 My Favorites features 110-10 My Favorites features 210-11 My message11th Chapter Home, global feature details and 404 and 500 page configurations11-1 Logout and clicks and the number of collections is perfect11-2 Home Feature Development 111-3 Home Feature Development 211-4 404 and 500 page configurationsThe 12th chapter is the prevention of common web attacks12-1 SQL injection attack and preventionThe principle and precaution of 12-2 XSS attack12-3 csrf attack and precautionthe 13th Chapter Xadmin Advanced Development13-1 userprofile Registration and Django Rights Management 113-2 userprofile Registration and Django Rights Management 213-3 Model_ico, read-only sub-fields, default sort settings13-4 Custom list return data, same model register two manager13-5 xadmin Use of other common functions13-6 xadmin inherit Rich text Ueditor113-7 xadmin Integrated Rich Text Ueditor213-8 Excel Import Plugin Introduction14th. Deploy the project on-lineinstallation and configuration of 14-1 Nginx, MySQL, virtualenv14-2 Uwsgi Installation and startup, Nginx virtual host configuration14-3 Uwsgi The start of a first-level code update rebootThe 15th chapter of the course summary15-1 Course Summary16th Chapter Fast upgrade to Python3.6 + Django1.1116-1 Python3.6 Virtual Development environment construction and development package installation16-2 Modifying the code to fit Python3.6 and Django1.1117th Chapter Fast upgrade to Python3.6 + Django2.017-1 Fast upgrade to Python3.6 + Django2.0

Python upgrade 3.6 Powerful django+ killer xadmin build online education platform

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