Python Virtual Environment installation configuration graphic tutorial,

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Python Virtual Environment installation configuration graphic tutorial,

Use pip to install virtualenv

Because it has been installed, it is shown as follows:

Here I would like to recommend that you install the class library with the Douban source later. The installation speed is very fast, because access to the official pypi source in China is very slow, and pip installation packages often encounter errors.

Douban Source

Let me demonstrate how to install django.

We can see that the speed is very fast.

All right, go back to the virtual environment and install virtualenv scrapytest (Environment name)

After installation, enter activate. bat to enter the virtual environment and enter python. Check that the current python version is 2.7.


Exit the virtual environment: Enter deactivate. bat

Multi-version Virtual Environment installation, because development requires the computer and python3 version

Enter virtualenv-p D: \ develop \ python3 \ python.exe scrapypy3 (name)

Installed successfully. Version 3.5

However, this operation is very troublesome and inconvenient. We recommend that you use the management tool mkvirtualenvwrapper.

Install pip install virtualenvwrapper

After installation: Enter workon

View the List Directory

The above python Virtual Environment installation and configuration text tutorial is a small series to share with you all the content, I hope to give you a reference, but also hope you can support a lot of homes.

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