Python what is the meaning of two development? Python is used in. NET projects

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Anyone knows what Python is doing in. NET this project?

auxiliary Use, used as a "two-time development". NET site Python is mostly CGI. Be able to write B/s program in Python.

Explain the development of two times:

for Python. He does not define the main function itself, and as with Lua, they are all explanations of the language, requiring a master language that has the main function to help explain it. So whether it's the same in c/c++/java/c#, our main language is responsible for the big functions of the entire program. And these sub-languages are used to complete some auxiliary functions. For example, wow plug-in, simple Wow is C + + write, but the inside of the plugin must be written in Lua.

About CGI: please Baidu. Bad description.

LUA Lua is a small scripting language. the language is designed to be embedded in the application, providing flexible extension and customization capabilities for the application.
Lua scripts can be very easy to beC + +code calls, which in turn can be called by C + +Function, which allows LUA to be widely used in applications.

Not just as an extension script. can also be used as a normal configuration file, replace the XML,Ini and Other file formats, and easier to understand and maintain. Lua is written in standard C, the code is simple and graceful, almost all operating systems and platforms can be compiled, executed. A full LUA interpreter is just 200k. The speed of Lua is the fastest in all of the scripting engines of the moment. It all determines that Lua is the best choice for embedded scripting.

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Python what is the meaning of two development? Python is used in. NET projects

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