Python Xlrd 2 ways to read Excel date types

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This article mainly introduces Python xlrd reading Excel date Type 2 methods, this article also explained xlrd reading Excel one cell method, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

There is a excle form that needs to be filtered and written to the database, but the date type cell is a number, and the solution is queried.

Basic code structure

The code is as follows:

data = Xlrd.open_workbook (Excel_path)

Table = Data.sheet_by_index (0)

lines = Table.nrows

cols = Table.ncols

Print U ' The total is%s, cols is%s '% (lines, cols)

To read a cell:

The code is as follows:

Table.cell (x, y). Value

X: Line

Y: Columns

Rows, columns are all starting from 0

* Time type conversion, turn Excel time into Python time (two ways)

Excel a cell 2014/7/8

The code is as follows:

Xlrd.xldate_as_tuple (Table.cell (2,2). Value, 0) #转化为元组形式

(2014, 7, 8, 0, 0, 0)

Xlrd.xldate.xldate_as_datetime (Table.cell (2,2). Value, 1) #直接转化为datetime对象

Datetime.datetime (2018, 7, 9, 0, 0)

Table.cell (2,2). Value #没有转化


Source view:

The code is as follows:

# @param xldate the Excel number

# @param Datemode 0:1900-based, 1:1904-based.

Xldate_as_tuple (Xldate, Datemode)

Entering a cell of a date type returns a tuple of time structures that can be composed of time types based on that tuple

Datemode has 2 options basically we all use the 1900 based timestamp

The code is as follows:


# Convert an Excel date/time number into a Datetime.datetime object.


# @param xldate the Excel number

# @param Datemode 0:1900-based, 1:1904-based.


# @return a datetime.datetime () object.


def xldate_as_datetime (Xldate, Datemode)

The input parameter is the same as above, but the return value is a datetime type and you do not need to convert the

Of course, these two functions have the corresponding inverse function, the Python type into the corresponding excle time type.

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