Python2 and Python3 coexist under windows

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Python2.7 and Python3 are incompatible, both environments may be used. These two versions are already installed by default in ubuntu14.04, and entering Python in the shell automatically enters the Python2.7 interactive environment, and the input Python3 into the Python3 interactive environment.

Here's what we're going to do with Ubuntu python in Windows.

1. Download the two version of the Python installation package

Go to the Python website to download. Select the 32bit or 64bit version that corresponds to Windows. The author downloads for Python2.7 and Python3.5.

2. Installation

Install in sequence, install the process and install the common software no difference. Don't dwell on it.

3. Setting Environment variables

Add the corresponding Python installation path to the path variable, such as:

E:\SoftInstall\Python\Python35; E:\SoftInstall\Python\Python35\Scripts; E:\SoftInstall\Python\Python27; E:\SoftInstall\Python\Python27\Scripts;

4. Renaming Python27.exe

Go to the Python2.7 installation directory and rename Python27.exe to Python.exe.

5. Verification

Open cmd and enter Python and Python3 separately to see the results:


The results were found to be expected. So you can have fun with Python!

Python2 and Python3 coexist under windows

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