Python3 installation Feedparser

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When looking at "collective intelligence programming" encountered PYTHON3 environment installation Feedparser problem, search found many people encounter this problem, finally find the following methods to solve.

How to install Feedparser on Python3

Approach A:using Pip

The best method for installing Feedparser (or almost any Python package) are by using PIP, Python's package manager. Pip'll is installed by default alongside Python as of Python 3.4 (and Python 2.7.9). Since the latest version of Python (as of time of editing) is a Python 3.5, this was really the approach you should be taking Whenever possible.

To run Pip, do the following:

Open the command line. Clicking Start, then typing cmd in the run textbox.
Make sure is connected to the Internet.
Type in Pip install Feedparser and hits enter (and wait for pip to download and install Feedparser)

You ' re done! Open up IDLE and type on import Feedparser to confirm.

If attempting to use PIP fails for some reason, try ...

Typing in C:\Python34\Scripts\pip install Feedparser (or wherever you installed Python)
Closing the command line, and re-opening it in admin mode (click Start, type ' cmd ', right-click, select "Run as Administra Tor "), if it ' s failing due to permission errors

If you would like to learn more about PIP, or need help setting it up on older versions of Python, see this post (http://st 15731459).

Approach B:manual Install

If, for some reason, you is unable to the use PIP, you can always try doing a manual install.
Part a:prerequisites:

Feedburner needs a module named Setuptools in order to install. Unfortunately, Setuptools isn ' t compatible with Python 3.x, but can use something called distribute as a convenient re Placement. If you already has this installed, you can skip part A.

Download the "installer" here: This was a Python script that would download the required components from the Internet and install distribute for you.

Open the command line. Clicking Start, then typing cmd in the run textbox. Navigate-to-the-folder containing by using CD. On my system, I typed CD C:\Users\Michael0x2a\Downloads

Type python (and if that doesn ' t work, C:\Python32\python.exe (or wherever do Install Python)). A Bunch of text should appear and scroll by.

Part b:actually installing Feedparser:

Download and extract the latest file from here:

Navigate in the command line to where the extracted Feedparser folder is by using the CD command. For example, on my Computer, I typed:

CD C:\Users\Michael0x2a\Downloads\feedparser-5.1\feedparser-5.1

(Your version number is probably differ. For example, you might having feedparser-5.3 or something)

Make sure the folder you have the the Readme, various other docs, and To check, type dir into the command line. It should list the files and folders there.

Type python Install (or C:\Python34\python.exe install.). Text should appear and slowly scroll by.

You ' re done! Open up IDLE and type import feedparser to confirm.

Python3 installation Feedparser

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