Python3 uses tkinter for interface mouse prompt (tooltip)

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From tkinter import *
From time import time, localtime, strftime

Class tooltip (toplevel ):
Provides a tooltip widget for tkinter.
To apply a tooltip to any tkinter widget, simply pass the widget to
Tooltip Constructor
Def _ init _ (self, wdgt, MSG = none, msgfunc = none, delay = 1, follow = true ):
Initialize the tooltip

Wdgt: the widget this tooltip is assigned
MSG: a static string message assigned to the tooltip
Msgfunc: a function that retrieves a string to use as the tooltip text
Delay: the delay in seconds before the tooltip appears (may be float)
Follow: if true, The tooltip follows motion, otherwise hides
Self. wdgt = wdgt
Self. Parent = self. wdgt. master # the parent of the tooltip is the parent of the tooltips widget
Toplevel. _ init _ (self, self. Parent, BG = 'black', padx = 1, pady = 1) # initalise the toplevel
Self. Withdraw () # Hide initially
Self. overrideredirect (true) # The tooltip toplevel shocould have no frame or title bar

Self. msgvar = stringvar () # The msgvar will contain the text displayed by the tooltip
If MSG = none:
Self. msgvar. Set ('no message provided ')
Self. msgvar. Set (MSG)
Self. msgfunc = msgfunc
Self. Delay = Delay
Self. Follow = follow
Self. Visible = 0
Self. lastmotion = 0
Message (self, textvariable = self. msgvar, BG = '# ffffdd ',
Aspect = 1000). Grid () # The test of the tooltip is displayed in a message widget
Self. wdgt. BIND ('<enter>', self. spawn, '+') # Add bindings to the widget. This will not override bindings that the widget already has
Self. wdgt. BIND ('<leave>', self. Hide, '+ ')
Self. wdgt. BIND ('<motion>', self. Move, '+ ')

Def spawn (self, event = none ):
Spawn the tooltip. This simply makes the tooltip eligible for display.
Usually this is caused by entering the widget

Event: the event that called this funciton
Self. Visible = 1
Self. After (INT (self. Delay * 1000), self. Show) # The after function takes a time argument in miliseconds

Def show (Self ):
Displays the tooltip if the time delay has been long enough
If self. Visible = 1 and time ()-self. lastmotion> self. Delay:
Self. Visible = 2
If self. Visible = 2:
Self. deiconify ()

Def move (self, event ):
Processes motion within the widget.

Event: the event that called this function
Self. lastmotion = Time ()
If self. Follow = false: # If the follow flag is not set, motion within the widget will make the tooltip dissapear
Self. Withdraw ()
Self. Visible = 1
Self. Geometry ('+ % I + % I' % (event. x_root + 10, event. y_root + 10) # offset the tooltip 10x10 pixes southwest of the pointer
Self. msgvar. Set (self. msgfunc () # try to call the message function. will not change the message if the message function is none or the message function fails
Except t:
Self. after( int (self. Delay * 1000), self. Show)

Def hide (self, event = none ):
Hides the tooltip. Usually this is caused by leaving the widget

Event: the event that called this function
Self. Visible = 0
Self. Withdraw ()

Def xrange2d (n, m ):
Returns a generator of values in a 2D range

N: The number of rows in the 2D range
M: The number of columns in the 2D range
A generator of values in a 2D range
Return (I, j) for I in xrange (n) for J in xrange (m ))

Def range2d (n, m ):
Returns a list of values in a 2D range

N: The number of rows in the 2D range
M: The number of columns in the 2D range
A list of values in a 2D range
Return [(I, j) for I in range (n) for J in range (m)]

Def print_time ():
Prints the current time in the following format:
Hh: mm: ss.00
T = time ()
Timestring = 'time ='
Timestring + = strftime ('% H: % m:', localtime (t ))
Timestring + = '%. 2f' % (T % 60 ,)
Return timestring

Def main ():
Root = TK ()
Btnlist = []
For (I, j) in range2d (6, 4 ):
TEXT = 'delay = % I \ n' % I
Delay = I
If j> = 2:
Follow = true
Text + = '+ follow \ N'
Follow = false
Text + = '-Follow \ N'
If J % 2 = 0:
MSG = none
Msgfunc = print_time
Text + = 'message function'
MSG = 'button at % s' % STR (I, j ))
Msgfunc = none
Text + = 'static message'
Btnlist. append (button (root, text = text ))
Tooltip (btnlist [-1], MSG = MSG, msgfunc = msgfunc, follow = follow, delay = delay)
Btnlist [-1]. Grid (ROW = I, column = J, sticky = N + S + E + W)
Root. mainloop ()

If _ name _ = '_ main __':
Main ()

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