Python3.6 Schedule module scheduled task (instance description), python3.6schedule

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Python3.6 Schedule module scheduled task (instance description), python3.6schedule

I. Programming Environment

PyCharm2016, Anaconda3 Python3.6

The schedule module needs to be installed at:

Open Anaconda Prompt and enter: conda install schedule. The message "Package Not Found Error" is displayed.

Therefore, pip is used for installation. Because Anaconda3 already has pip, for example:

Then, the cmd command line is switched to the scripts directory and pip.exe install schedule is successfully installed. In this way, you can import schedule in PyCharm.

2. Search for data from the database and write the data into the csv file at a specified time point every day.

① Use the sqlalchemy module to establish a database connection. for details about how to install the python3.6 for mysql driver in windows, refer to: Using Pycharm2016 to install the Mysql Driver Based on Anaconda3 Python3.6 in windows 10.

② Use the schedule module to execute periodic tasks. For the usage of this module, refer to the examples on the official website.

③ Use the csv module to write the queried records to a file

The complete code is as follows:

import scheduleimport codecsimport csvimport timefrom sqlalchemy import create_enginedef get_conn(): engine = create_engine("mysql+pymysql://root:password@localhost:3306/test?charset=utf8mb4") conn = engine.connect() return conndef query(): sql = "select * from user limit 10" conn = get_conn() return conn.execute(sql)def read_mysql_to_csv(filename): with, mode='w') as f:  write = csv.writer(f, dialect='excel')  results = query()  for result in results:   write.writerow(result)schedule.every()"17:49").do(read_mysql_to_csv, "test")while True: schedule.run_pending() time.sleep(10)

Iii. Summary

The schedule module is easy to implement: periodically execute tasks at a certain time point every day. The official example is as follows:

import scheduleimport timedef job(): print("I'm working...")schedule.every(10)"10:30").do(job)schedule.every()"13:15").do(job)while True: schedule.run_pending() time.sleep(1)

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