Python+eclipse+pydev Environment Construction

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This article focuses on using the Eclipse+pydev plugin to write Python code

Editor: Python's own IDLE

Quick and easy, learn python or write small software. Very useful.

Editor: Eclipse + Pydev Plugin

1. Eclipse is the IDE that writes Java, so it can be generalized and the learning cost is small. Learn eclipse and write Python or Java later.

2. Eclipse, a powerful feature.

3. Eclipse Cross-platform, can run on Mac and Windows

Install Python


Python has 32 versions of Python 2 and Python.  There are some differences in grammar. To be safe, I'm installing Python 2.7.6

Installing the Java JDK


Eclipse requires this to install the Java JDK before it can run.

Download eclipse this download.

Once downloaded, the decompression can be used directly, and eclipse does not need to be installed.

Pydev Plugin Introduction

Pydev Plugin's official website: download required)

Installing the Pydev plugin in eclipse

Launch Eclipse, click Help->install New software ...  In the popup dialog box, click the Add button. Name fill in: Pydev, location fill

Then, step by step, put it down. If the process of loading, error. Re-install it.

Configuring the Pydev Interpreter

After installing Pydev, you need to configure the Python interpreter.

In the Eclipse menu bar, click Windows->preferences.

In the dialog box, click Pydev->interpreter-python. Click the New button, select the path of the Python.exe, and open it to display a window with many check boxes. Click OK

If it is a Mac system, click the "Auto Config" button

Start writing code

Start Eclipse, create a new project, file->new->projects ... Select Pydev->pydevproject to enter the project name.

New PyDev package. You can write the code.

Enter the package name, enter Test1 here

Python+eclipse+pydev Environment Construction

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