Python's computational-ipy on IP

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At work, we sometimes encounter the need to calculate whether an IP or network segment is in another network segment. Sometimes it is judged whether the two segments overlap. This is a lot easier to use ipy.

The following shell is the installation of ipy:

Cd/usr/localwget IPY-0.81.TAR.GZCD Ipy-0.81python Install

The convenience of Ipy:

1:ip (' '). Version () #获取IP的类型


ip = IP (' ') print Ip.len () #有多少个ipfor x in Ip:print (x) #分别打印出每个ip


IP (' '). Iptype () #ip的类型IP (' '). Int () #转换成整形IP (' '). Strhex () #转换成十六进制IP (' '). Strbin () # Convert to binary print (IP (0x8080808)) #十六进制转换成ip


IP (' '). Strnormal (1) #输出/24 format IP (' '). Strnormal (2) #输出掩码格式IP (' '). Strnormal (3) #输出广播地址格式


IP (' ') in IP (' ') # is inside the bit


IP (' '). overlaps (' ') #网段不存在重叠 returns 0 (returns 0 if overlapping)

Through the above record, we can solve the problem in the work is: batch to determine the type of IP, the bulk of the IP into their desired format, batch to determine whether an IP is included in a network segment, in batches to determine whether there is overlap between two network segments.

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Python's computational-ipy on IP

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