Python's most important data types

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1 Write Parent Capital capitalize


Returns the meaning of centering the result by specifying a width

The default is to fill with spaces


Returns the number of occurrences of a string


Checks if a string is not starting with anything, it is true instead of false


To convert a tab in a string to a space the default is 8 bits


Detects if x is contained in a string if beg and end specify a range

If the detection is included in the specified range, if there is a return is, the reverse is-1 no error


Method is the same as find, just if there is no error


Returns True if the string has at least one character and a character letter or number, otherwise false

9-isalpha Ibid.

10-isdigit Ibid.


Specifies a string as a delimiter, merged into a new character

12-len return string length


Change uppercase in a string to lowercase

14-lstrip Remove the left space or the specified character


Replace string

16-rstrip \ Delete The end of the space to the right

17-swapcase uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase

Python's most important data types

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