Python's Ubuntu development environment vim and Ipython

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The legend of Ubuntu is to develop the necessary, but also want to try hackers;

ubuntu16.04 comes with python2.7 and 3.5 two versions and Vim editor

One, on-line check a lot of information is the Pydiction plug-in installation use, to achieve tab automatic completion;

sudo apt-get install openssh-server wget tree unzip Ipython-ywget Master.zipunzip-q mastermv pydiction-master pydictionmkdir-p ~/.vim/tools/pydictioncp-r pydiction/after ~/.VIMCP Pydiction/complete-dict ~/.vim/tools/pydiction

Ii. ensure that the structure of the document is as follows:

# tree ~/. Vim/root/. vim├──after│   └──ftplugin│       └──python_pydiction.vim└──tools    └── Pydiction        └──complete-dict

Third, create ~/.VIMRC to ensure that the contents are as follows:

# vim ~/.vimrcfiletype plugin Onlet g:pydiction_location = ' ~/.vim/tools/pydiction/complete-dict '

Iv. automatic completion in Python interactive mode

Create the following file:

# vim ~/.pythonstartup# python startup file#!/usr/bin/env pythonimport sysimport readlineimport rlcompleterimport Atexitimport os# tab completionreadline.parse_and_bind (' Tab:complete ') # History filehistfile = Os.path.join ( os.environ[' HOME '], '. Pythonhistory ') Try:  readline.read_history_file (histfile) except IOError:  Passatexit.register (Readline.write_history_file, Histfile)  del os, Histfile, ReadLine, Rlcompleter1

To add an environment variable:

Echo ' Export Pythonstartup=~/.pythonstartup ' >> ~/.bash_profile

Re-login to the shell, enter the python command into interactive mode, you can use the TAB key to complete the completion.


Python's Ubuntu development environment vim and Ipython

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