Q & A on knowledge of optical fiber coupler, optical fiber fuse box and optical fiber fuse box

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Q & A on knowledge of optical fiber coupler, optical fiber fuse box and optical fiber fuse box

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The optical fiber coupler is used for two optical fiber or pigtails.Active connection,Flange.

Optical fiber trunk box: Also known as a optical fiber junction box. It is the final joint of a optical fiber cable. at both ends of the optical fiber cable, it protects the fusion points between the optical fiber cable and pigtails. one end of it is the optical fiber cable, the other end is pigtails, which is equivalent to splitting a optical fiber cable into a single optical fiber device. Parameter indicators include wall-mounted or rack-mounted ports, port types, and whether to install a flange.

Optical fiber melting box: that is, the optical fiber connection box. In the middle of the optical fiber cable, two optical cables are fused and used to protect the contact point. The two optical cables are used for connecting to a long optical fiber cable.

Final connection mode:

Optical fiber + pigtails in optical fiber cables (protected in the cable box) → flange (mounted in the cable box) → Optical Fiber jumper → transceiver + twisted pair Cable → Switch

1. Is the connection box the same as the connection box?
The answer box is not the same. It is completely sealed and can be waterproof, but it cannot be fixed with pigtails. The answer box is not waterproof. The internal structure can be fixed with one side of the optical fiber, while the pigtails can be fixed at one side.

They cannot be used interchangeably. Optical Cables and Optical terminals are connected through optical fiber trunk boxes, that is, pigtails can only be inserted on the optical terminal.

You can understand the two head splices of optical fiber cables. The former is the fusion of optical fiber cables and pigtails, and the latter is the fusion between optical fiber cables.


2. the coupler is connected to the optical fiber or pigtails, but the connection part is active, not fused. Can this be understood?

The coupler can only connect two pigtailsAnd the SC/PC FC/PC interfaces are separated, while the fusion splices are used to weld the optical fiber cables and pigtails.

3. What is the difference between pigtails and jumpers? Can jumper be split into two parts as pigtails?

In fact, both the optical jumper and pigtails are optical fibers! The protective layer of the optical fiber jumper is thicker, which is connected to pigtails and terminal devices.Pigtails are used in the trunk box to connect the optical fiber cables and the flange of the trunk box.

Pigtails are used to connect optical cables and jumpers. They are used to connect the pigtails and pigtails together and connect the pigtails and jumpers through a coupler. the Jumpers are connected to pigtails and terminal devices.

The pigtails have only one active connector, and the two ends of the patch are active connectors. There are many interfaces. Different interfaces require different coupler. the split of the patch fiber can be used as the pigtails. This is what we do.

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