Q: What is the difference between blockquote tags? blockquote tags

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Q: What is the difference between blockquote tags? blockquote tags

Q is used to separate quotes in text and define a short reference. This label will add double quotation marks to the referenced text, which is rarely used. The blog forum system will use more;

Blockquote is used to reference long text and define a quote. The content in the tag is automatically indented;

1 <! DOCTYPE html> 2 


<Blockquote> in html is different from <q>.

<Q> tags are essentially the same as <blockquote>. The difference lies in their display and application. <Q> labels are used for short in-row references. Use the <blockquote> label to separate a long part from the surrounding content (usually an indented block.

<Blockquote> <q> <br/> <div> what are the differences between <em> and <I>?

Let me give you a rough answer.

<Table> is a table label. You can set the height and width of a table to get the expected table style.

<Div> is a container, but the container itself has no shape, and there is no high-width color. We need to use the CSS command to assign the shape color to the container.
For example, <div style = "color: # FF0000"> snake fruit red bean </div>
DIV stores the word "Snake fruit red bean", and style is a css style command that gives the text red

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