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About Qcon 2011

Earlier this year I took part in the new version of Taobao home development, did a number of HTML5 practice, just this qcon have to learn 鹍 chaired HTML5 topic, Pony recommended me to Qcon share this aspect of experience, so for me, can participate in this qcon very lucky, also very disturbed. On the one hand, I do not count on HTML5, on the other hand, Taobao on the road to HTML5 practice is also in stones, but thanks to learn 鹍 encouragement, as well as serene, jade, center and the help of Yan, let me carefully comb HTML5 practice principles and some lessons, this is the PPT

Speaking, this is my second time to participate in the Qcon, before Qcon about the pure web front end of the topic very few, as the pony said, Qcon Congress is the backend development engineers and architects of the technical assembly, but this qcon front end of the project suddenly increased to three, a little surprise. In addition, the topic of agile Development, Java regression, testing and server cluster optimization is still a rewarding one.

About Agile

This Qcon "agile development" suddenly started to fire, of course, not to say there was no "agile", even we are in the "agile" every day. So, for the front-end engineers, is there any need to focus on "agile"? I think not only to be concerned, and must have the consciousness experience oneself becomes the agile coach, namely the front-end engineer does not have the PM (Project manager) The position, does not represent cannot have the PM the ability, if by the front-end engineer to drive the project (for instance Kissy development and Taobao homepage development), can achieve the real agile efficiency, How to reasonably do the demand scheduling, scheduling iterative development? This basic competency should be the necessary skills of every engineer--including, of course, a front-end engineer--and I think this is a necessary node for the development of the front-end engineers themselves.

About Java

I heard about the front-end engineers in the Qcon most of the words is, "how to see, feel the front end of the code is not as good as the back-end engineer so professional foundation of solid, write out the things also have no back-end stable and reliable." Despite the bias of this statement, but also explains the IT industry on the front-end development of the general view, yes, front-end engineers are mostly halfway decent, after all, the introduction of front-end development is too simple, so we recruit front-end engineers will add a: at least familiar with a back-end language (of course, familiar with Java better, Taobao background most of the use of Java, if the front-end engineers will focus on the html/css/js above, its growth will quickly reach the bottleneck, so, and the traditional background development language, the front end of the learning curve is first slow after the steep, the more later will find the data structure, design patterns, compiler principles, The importance of network protocols, which are what traditional back-end engineers are good at. This is not to say that there is no fire and fire between the front and the end, but master the overall knowledge structure, for the front-end engineer's growth benefits without a harm. Therefore, when we focus on Java again today, to re-examine the Java time, for the front-end engineers, but also to look back, from the bottom of the old computer professional textbooks, these things are the key to our higher level.

About testing

The topic of testing has been a concern, this time qcon have many experts to do this share, and I would like to know how to do the front-end test, unfortunately, experts to share still focus on test platform construction and layered testing theory. However, whether it is platform automation or layered theory, we have at least two consensus, first, for MVC, the most easy to do the test for M, c to do the next Test difficulty, the V to do the most difficult test; second, the quality of the code directly affects the test efficiency. and frequent changes in demand and the impact of code quality, it seems doomed to test is an eternal problem. However, for the front end, you can first let m measurable, and then drill down into C, and finally focus on overcoming v test problems, of course, before this, you have to teach white how to write code that conforms to MVC.

About front-end development

The Qcon three front-end topics on the basic description of the front-end development of the three development direction, first, the server-side javascirpt, second, handheld terminals, third, the traditional front-end from HTML4 to HTML5 evolution. I think this division of labor is a necessity, of course, is not to say that now must be the best time to do division of labor, but as a front-end engineers, should have such a sense of crisis and a certain forward-looking, regardless of which direction, we can see this position on the front end of the professional quality of the requirements of

In fact, this time the Qcon brought me more than this thinking, I am also very happy to share these experiences with you, of course, this qcon and HTML5 on the topic of several lecturers (Shei Zibin, Hax, Du Huan) of the cooperation is quite pleasant, learn 鹍 on the topic is also full of confidence, but also very much look forward to and their cooperation again:

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