Qin Yuewen, why the seemingly brilliant copy failed

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Remember Comrade Tolstoy in his masterpiece said a word: happy marriage is similar, and unfortunately the marriage has its own misfortune. In fact, Dragon Brother feel in the text field This truth is also can be common, the success of the copy is similar, but also relatively few, and the failure of the copy is different posture, appear in front of you the probability is relatively large.

Longge according to the past creation and observation experience, summed up a few more noteworthy types of failure copy, just recently and a few friends in the chat also talked about this aspect of the content, it is necessary to write down the written, to everyone to mention a wake up.

First, unintelligible

The reason for this kind of writing failure is: Said and did not say the same, and the meaning of the message is a little unclear so, such as falling five miles of fog, hazy, unable to understand.

For example, a copy describing how sweet oranges are:

It's sweet and touching your taste buds

The sweet orange, of course, is sweet, this copy describes the sweetness of the degree is "touching your taste buds." Wait, the classmate who writes the copy, what "touches my taste buds"? For some people who prefer spicy, it is more appropriate to touch their taste buds than to have a sweet flavor. So, after reading this copy, nine out of ten, there is no way to know how this sweet orange.

If you let Rongolai write this copy, I would write:

Perhaps you have eaten the most sweet oranges (casually thought, not finely crafted).

The reason for this is that everyone's understanding of sweetness is different, and this copy basically allows the human brain to see what it feels like to be sweet, because everyone must have their own understanding of the "sweet Best in place", and the copy itself does not say death, notice that there is a word in front of it-maybe. This copy is enough to lift the user's curiosity, let TA take the initiative to buy a pound taste.

Second, acting knowledgeable

The reason for this kind of writing failure is: an excitement on the copy of the product to convey the feeling of the state, so that the value of the expression of the product and the real value of the gap between, easy for the audience to produce a mismatch of the meaning. This copy of the first pass to the user's product feeling is a general, the second easy to let people raise the expectations of high, thereby increasing the probability of the product is not satisfied.

For example, a Dragon brother once in the electronic market on the small counter to see the stereo surround sound of the copy:

XXX audio, the ultimate feast of hearing.

Extreme, is a very virtual word, can not give a person to imagine the feeling of landing, it is difficult to understand, seemingly high can not, in fact, it is inevitable that people feel too pompous. In addition, the extreme represents the above is not, however, in most cases, this is not the case, because basically is not able to provide trustworthy data proof, and then this extreme can easily become self-face.

Wang Po Selling melon Puff, this is necessary, but to moderate, a little higher on it, boast too ruthless will be some over-the-counter, not good also counterproductive.

Third, ineffective

The reason why this kind of copy fails is: The value of the product is not in place. Read this kind of copy, you always have some ineffective feeling: you say he didn't say, really can feel a little, you say he said, but always a little worse.

A typical example is a description of good things, such as the many men who describe beauty, Longge hear most of the copy is similar to this:

Wow, it's so beautiful, it makes me want to be.

Presumably to see or hear this copy of the male students, the heart of the cat caught the same, there will always be a question lingering in my mind: How is this beautiful beauty of the law? The copy is neither clear nor unclear.

To tell the truth, in this respect we really should learn from the ancient predecessors, to see how others describe beauty:

Eyebrow as far as, face if peach blossom, static like jiao flower shining water, line is weak willow Fufeng.

Both static and dynamic, basically this person is already vivid in front of your eyes.

Four, self-defeating

The reason for this failure is that the logic is not strict enough, the information sent by the copy of the results did not carry out the necessary research and review, resulting in the side-effects of the copy. It makes me feel uncomfortable and weird, even if what you say is right.

For example, an apartment estate propaganda copy:

A good house, a three-port family, three generations

This copy wants to convey the meaning is clear, is said the house is big enough. However, for the careful person, the latter two sentences if a little contact to think, you will find that there are problems, giving people very strange feeling.

Another example is a commercial real estate advertising copy:

The women and Children's Hospital, enjoy millions of people

Well, you mean your house is good, has a lot of traffic, good business in the future. However, next to the hospital, or maternity hospital, contact the last "flow", but also millions of people, this acid cool absolutely don't want to.

There is also a traffic probe next to the prompt to capture the speed of the copy:

Who's faster?

This copy means who is speeding me to capture who, the camera speed is a lever drop, in order not to be captured, you drive slowly. However, this copy to look at the past, spontaneously some encouraged drivers than the speed of the meaning, if the personality of a forthright driver, may also come to a hundred meters sprint, full of joy under a violation of the record.

V. Self-reduction of identity

The reason for this kind of writing failure is: In order to fight against competitors, exposing or even fabricating the weaknesses of competitors, and to coerce the threat of users, so that the audience feel the pattern is relatively small, virtually reduce their own brand image, and unconsciously some for their competitors grievances, the entire copy of the effect is greatly discounted, Can't even reach expectations.

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Qin Yuewen, why the seemingly brilliant copy failed

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