Qingdao boys do not sell prawns, relying on the construction of the website, to achieve a monthly income of 30,000 enlightenment

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A period of time of Qingdao prawn event noisy uproar, as Qingdao people is depressed, I was born in a seaside fishing village, home is to do farm music "but our farm music can not so expensive prawn", after graduating from high school has been at home work, rely on their own hard, Qizaotanhei 1.1 points in the effort.

Later when a few years North drift, did a lot of work, hotel waiter, build website company's salesman, drifted for two years did not earn what money, and returned to the fishing village where I was born. Get married, you have to find a way to earn some money, can not be so dangling. Selling sky-expensive prawn things we are not to do, combined with their own years of the North drifting energy, I think to others to build a website to make money .

The original North drift when the construction station company, their company's structure is the Boss + programmer + Art + sales + clerk, business every day out of the list, shuttle in various factories, offices, telephone with the number table every day in the promotion, has a list of artists to start the design, the programmer began to do the site, the cost is very high, the general process is I know all this, because I worked there for 2 years, but I want to do the website business, this framework is impossible, how to do?

We are all fishing villages around this year, the tourism has arisen a lot of farm homes, so I think I would like to make a farmhouse site this one, specialized and refined, to find a point to do.

Now as long as the business needs a website, not to mention the farmhouse, because are nearby, pull the business is not a problem, and the cost will be very low.

After solving this problem, I began to think about how to build a website, I originally just do business, build the site will only fur. Consulting a lot of friends, learned a lot after I have their own ideas, first of all to have a business promotion site, and then to have a set of intelligent building station system, compared to a lot of home finally chose Zhuo Teacher Station Agent D.zhuolaoshi.com, the main reason one is because he integrated the sales platform + Build station platform, Site templates are our own domain name at the beginning of the very face, so I can deploy their own platform, followed by Zhuo teacher building Station system has a large number of templates, will not be professional knowledge can easily build a website, so I can give farm music easy construction site. Of course, this is the choice I made after a few days of free trial.

This all probably cost me 2 days or so of time, after I printed some publicity leaflets, and then door-to-house propaganda , because I use Zhuo teacher to build station agent cost is very low, build a website also need half a day, I put the price in the PC Station + Mobile station + station in the triad of 800 yuan a website, Plus I was local and the business went very well.

Early I was the daytime propaganda night build station , a day probably can build 2, such a net income of at least 1000 yuan,

So how did I do it?

First, the accumulation of old customers.

Because I have done before, the North drift accumulated a number of customers, in my hometown, because the agent of this system to build the station is not expensive only 800, in addition there are many old customers think I am also true, so I started the first barrel of gold is from the previous years of accumulation. Of course, the first is the parent-run farmhouse.

Second, accurately push

In the previous article also introduced, because in the fishing village, where the tourism is more developed, so the location is all farm homes. To do a website 800 yuan, to a farm house for the price is not expensive, or a permanent Internet propaganda channel, in addition to my north drift when the thick skin, we this city around the village of several villages are almost I took down.

Third, the component team

The first barrel of gold, completely by the promotion of physical activity to do up, behind the list more, the income is stable. After all, a person's ability is limited, there are a large number of fishing villages around Qingdao has not been developed, at this time to set up a team let others help me make money, I found a childhood playmates to help me pull the business, because with this set of Zhuo teacher Station system is a rapid construction station mode, I myself saved a lot of effort, team members to run The same promotion method is similar to the team, now 30,000 of the monthly income is completely free.

Now parents run our Home Farm yard income is not my high, this income is more than I drift when more, follow-up I intend to extend to the fishing village near Qingdao, as long as the struggle now, I believe the future I will be grateful to the present self.

written at the end :

Now is a service-oriented market, do more than do more than a wide range of success , build station does not necessarily follow the traditional call marketing route, your friends around you, near the store can be your goal to build a station, dedicated to do a construction station industry more easily out of the results, such as this article's farm site, such as the Lawyer website, logistics website Home Economics website, pet website, and so on, do an industry's website construction business, do a good job can have a lot of results, this is what I often say hit the nail theory, find a little bit hard hit it!

Qingdao boys do not sell prawns, relying on the construction of the website, to achieve a monthly income of 30,000 enlightenment

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