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From today on, that place really does not belong to me anymore.

The whole society conference.

ZC was reluctant to speak, and at the end of the day it was a bit hard to say. I don't know what l feels like. I think, everything is over. I can understand Z's mood, And the beauty should grow up. So far, this is when we leave, I hope everyone is a good friend.

When ZC was talking, the three women sitting on the left of me thought and looked at each other. The opposite is about to replace us in this region after the general election, and we are still children. I think someone should know what I mean.

L I intentionally or unintentionally showed my embarrassment. I looked at her from time to time. Sometimes I tried to hold her hand and struggled for a while, but I gave up.(This is not suitable for children. Omit some ......)

There was a teacher who was dissatisfied with his speech, and ZB was flustered for a moment. It was unpleasant for the teacher to spread his noble official words in the room.

I was conscious of trying to make it easy to shake my bad deeds out, but the last apology is really necessary and indeed what I want to say most, others are just scenes.

There is no stranger in the history of 02. Of course, each session is not ordinary.


Close the meeting and start the meeting. I walked away with my umbrella, smothered the smoke in the hallway, and stepped out of Jinchuan. It seems that l hasn't left yet, and she shouldn't be lonely.

The Pure Brightness has passed, and I don't know why. The rain was so heavy and the sound of the rain was buzzing, my eyes were filled with dark rain, and it seemed to have fallen into my heart. I went to the North Gate to buy the latest 《ProgramClerk, holding a magazine in his hand, feeling safe and fulfilling.

Turn your back and follow your own path.

Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

North door Bookstore has a new weekly No. 200 large, who needs to buy it quickly. I have no money, or I want.

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