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introduction of QQ Browser:

QQ Browser is one of the more important products Tencent, QQ browser 7 and QQ browser 8, the use of single core mode, set Super Small installation package and super stability, access to the Web page speed has been further optimized. Formal external version will be intelligent support IE kernel, according to the system background pull IE8 kernel, effectively improve Web page compatibility, reduce system vulnerabilities. The aim is to create a fast, stable, safe, networked High-quality browser. February 20, 2014 Tencent launched QQ browser micro-letter version. Users can use micro-letters on the computer, while chatting on the internet, to bring more efficient micro-communication experience. April 2, 2014, QQ browser launched mobile QQ Browser 5.1 Video broadcast PA, the collection of content, format, speed, download strong and welfare good 5 functions to meet user video browsing, download and other needs. July 2, 2014 update QQ browser HD4.2 version, increased TV playback, BT download, cloud playback three new features!

 QQ Browser Function Features:

4M installation package – Simple and not simple! Small volume brings great energy!

0.39-second cold start speed-the industry's first instant to open

QQ account number-best recorded network Collection account

DNT Technology – Prevent site tracking, protect user privacy

QQ Browser micro-letter version-micro-letter on the computer, while chatting on the internet

Malicious Web site killing: Web site security information at a glance, online shopping to pay more trust!

Strong advertising Filter: The use of the latest filtering rules to effectively intercept the page ads!

Download Cloud protection: File Download cloud Scan, eliminate malicious links!

System-level security protection: fully open DEP, ASLR, Sehop service!

Anti-suspended animation technology: Web pages, Windows more stable, more smooth internet!

  360 Browser Introduction

360 launched two browsers, respectively, 360 security browsers and 360 Speed browser, because the 360 speed browser is the use of the chrome kernel, so we generally say 360 browser refers to 360 security browser (360Safety Browser) is the 360 Security Center launched a browser based on IE kernel, is the window of the world's Windows Developer Phoenix Studio and 360 Security Center cooperation products, and 360 security guards, 360 anti-virus and other software products together to become 360 Security center of products. 360 Security Browser has the country's largest malicious Web site, the use of malicious Web site interception technology, can automatically intercept horse, fraud, phishing and other malicious Web site. Original sandbox technology in isolation mode even if access to Trojans will not infect.

  Functional characteristics:

1. The Intelligent interception Phishing website and the malicious website, Happy Internet security worry-free;

2. Intelligent Detection Web page malicious code, to prevent Trojan automatic download;

3. Integration of the country's largest malicious Web site, the site good or bad everyone common supervision and evaluation;

4. Instant scan download file, rest assured download security worry-free;

5. Built in a highly praised 360 security guards popular Trojan killing function, instant scan download files;

6. Trojan feature library daily update, killing ability comparable to charge-level security software;

7.[Super Safe Mode] using "sandbox" technology, really do not invade the virus (trojans and viruses will be intercepted in the sandbox can not release power).

8. The implementation of the Web page program and the real computer system completely isolated, so that any Trojan virus on the web can not infect computer systems;

9. Subversion of traditional security software "lag killing" the status quo, all known unknown Trojan can not penetrate the sandbox, to ensure safety;

10. Lightweight and rich in volume (a Web page multiple windows), comparable to the same kind of multiple window browser;

11. Support Mouse gestures, super drag, Address bar automatic completion of advanced functions;

12. Advertising intelligent filtering, Internet traces of a key to remove, protect privacy from interference;

13. Built-in high-speed download tools (sometimes over the professional download tool), support for multi-threaded downloads and breakpoints to continue transmission.

Summary :

If the comparison 360 security guards and QQ computer Butler, 360 security guards slightly stronger than QQ, but that is 90 points than 94 points, for ordinary users actually 2 software is the same.

If it is compared to antivirus software, in the free to kill soft, 360 and Jinshan can play a draw (formerly 360 than Jin Shanqiang many, but later can join the cattle jinshan, Jinshan kill soft quality improve significantly), but still less than Kaspersky and other foreign anti-virus software

Browser words are in fact the same, 360 for their own browser has exaggerated publicity (with 360 browser on the yellow net so virus, do not say what the immune virus, etc.), see you used whichever you use it.

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