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What is a compatibility view?

Compatibility view is for the old version of IE designed to provide a Web site rendering mode, you can solve some of the Web page dislocation, picture display abnormalities, attachments can not upload and so on.

  How do I enable and cancel the compatibility view?

You can enable and cancel actions by clicking Compatibility View in the menu:

The Web site that you manually enable or cancel Compatibility view in the menu will be recorded for you, avoiding the next multiple operations.

  Why are some Web sites enabling or canceling compatibility View invalid?

The compatibility view works only for sites that are part of the design of older versions of IE, and the following sites are not affected by the compatibility view:

1, the site's own code to force the browser to use or do not use the compatibility view to open;

2, exist in your local IE browser compatibility View list of the site (IE8 and above version has its own Compatibility View site list);

  Which Web sites enable Compatibility View by default?

In the QQ browser settings-Advanced-compatibility View settings:

You can choose to enable or cancel the Compatibility view open for a specific Web site or intranet site.

A specific Web site refers to a number of Web sites recommended by the Qq browser, there are potential compatibility issues, such as the display of confusion, some buttons can not operate, etc.

Intranet Web site refers to the LAN site, such as office network, such sites are usually designed for the old version of IE, there may be potential compatibility problems.

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