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QQ Browser Grab ticket version is used to help users to buy Spring Festival tickets QQ browser Grab ticket special edition, specifically for the 2015 new pre-sale rules, login 12306 official website to purchase tickets, and to "smart ticket" greatly enhance the success rate, while safeguarding network payment security, and effectively help users home Spring festival smoothly. QQ Browser Grab ticket version, package you go home, artifact in hand, ticket I have! Let's download the experience quickly!

QQ Browser Grab ticket version of the three major features:

 1. Intelligent Search

Automatically help users retrieve the day after the trip and the adjacent train seats, and recommend the most appropriate train;

  2. Secure payment

Web site Security cloud detection, password Security cloud protection, 100% guarantee the security of ticket purchase;

3. Ticket-grabbing reminder

According to the new pre-sale time and the user departure date to calculate the best time to rob tickets, and set up automatic SMS reminders, to ensure timely robbery tickets.

Use tutorials:

1, download QQ browser grab ticket special edition. QQ Browser Grab Ticket Special Edition 2015 official latest edition download

2, download complete, follow the prompts to install.

3, open QQ Browser Special Edition, click on the logo of the train, choose to grab tickets immediately.

4, click Please login.

5, enter your 12306 account number, password and authentication code, click Login.

6, enter the starting city, the arrival of the city and departure date, select the seats and train, click to check the remaining votes. At the same time check the smart grab tickets and automatic ticket.

7, if the ticket system will automatically submit your order.

8, then the time to complete the payment can be completed.

QQ Browser Grab ticket version of the use of small tips:

In the QQ click on the right side of the "Show more Options", you can also use "smart grab tickets", "Automatic brush Ticket" and other advanced functions. If you need to buy tickets, first use 12306 of the site's account number, password login account, QQ Browser can choose to remember the account number, password, automatic login later, so that the ticket faster.

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