QQ Browser micro-letter version can not brush friends circle?

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QQ Browser micro-letter version can not brush friends Circle Mody? QQ Browser micro-letter version of the Brush circle of friends What are the tutorial? I believe you must want to visit the Web side Chat micro-letter it, that micro-letter how to brush the circle of friends, the following small series for you to explain in detail under the QQ browser micro-letter version can not brush friends Circle Mody? QQ Browser micro-letter version of the Brush circle of friends What are the tutorial?

"Portal" after the installation of "QQ browser micro-version", the first time you start the browser, will be in the upper right corner toolbar button on the micro-letter button, as well as "micro-letter immediately chat" small bubbles.

"Login" click on the toolbar micro-letter button, then pop-up micro-letter login Two-dimensional code panel: Pull out the phone, open the micro-letter-> found-> Sweep, scan the computer on the two-dimensional code, and on the phone click on the green button "Confirm login"; The above operation, you can successfully login micro-letter; Micro-letter Chat contact panel will automatically in the browser on the side of the form to open, this time can be on the internet while chatting with friends micro-letter

"Sidebar chat form" Micro-letter main interface in the form of side bar to show chat contacts, and the page left and right coexistence. When chatting with a contact, the chat panel is placed on the right side of the contact panel and floats on top of the page. Click on the page area and the chat panel will automatically be closed. If the computer screen is wider, it is recommended to click the Pushpin button in the upper right corner to hold the chat panel. can be convenient for the split screen operation, Zo chat micro-letter, right screen to see the page.

"Expand Chat" Click the new Chat button in the upper right corner of the contact panel to choose to chat with a single person. Or a number of people chat with a single person, click on the chat panel in the upper right corner of the "+", you can increase the number of other contacts to chat with many people, click on the top right corner of the chat panel "+" number, Additional contacts can be added to the group chat.

"View friend Information" in the Chat panel chat content area, click the Friend's avatar, you can view the friend information.

"Micro-letter boss Key--f4" chat process, there is privacy protection needs, press "F4" key can quickly hide the entire micro-letter panel, hidden again click "F4" to restore the display micro-trust panel. In addition, in the micro-letter login status, click on the toolbar Green micro-letter icon, can also hide/show the micro-letter panel.

"Message Reminder" 1, when the micro-letter interface is expanded, micro-letter contact with a new message on the head 2, micro-letter interface hidden, in the toolbar "micro-letter" icon on the new message prompts; If the mouse hovers over here, the message list is displayed: 3, if the browser minimizes/window loses focus, A flashing hint appears on the Windows taskbar when a new message is received.

"Drag and drop sharing" to see the Web page, when you encounter an interest in the picture or text, drag a drag can be sent to friends.

"Micro-Credit Public number" session list will be the public number of attention to display, click on the level two menu to view the specific

"Micro-Letter Exit login" Click on the session list in the lower right corner of the Settings button (gear), you can appear personal Information page, click the bottom. The red button "exit micro-letter" to exit the login. In order to better protect personal privacy, whenever the QQ browser is closed, the micro-letter will log out together Oh.

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