QQ Browser Update to 9.1 increase WIN10 Edge kernel mode

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QQ Browser

QQ Browser 9.1.3206.400 Update content:

1. New Independent small window function;

2. New website nameplate, intelligent detection site security, a key to view the certification information;

3. New application Extended Cloud Synchronization (login required and installed in QQ Browser Application Center);

4. New label page design, quick access to content, customizable website and wallpaper;

5. The new personal Center, all aspects of the Internet to understand their habits, quick to receive privileges;

6. Increase the WIN10 to force the use of Edge kernel mode;

7. New Download Manager's manual new download function;

8. New download file security detection;

9. New video Search direct, directly to watch the wonderful video (need to manually open in the options);

10. After the new login prompts to import other browsers have installed the application;

11. Add tags to the right button "added to the common website" option;

12. Add Web page Right-click "Bookmark" option;

13. Add "mobile phone Assistant" plug-in, can realize mobile phone PC interconnection, one-click Install app (only support Android, can uninstall);

14. Add "video box" plug-in, recording the whole network video viewing history, intelligent play reminder (can be unloaded);

15. Optimization of the main interface icon, more flat and slim;

16. Optimize the overall style of the main menu, add button options and compound menu options;

17. Optimize the default browser pop-up timing and display effect;

18. Optimize the Boss key function, hide the window while mute;

19. Optimize the display of several error problems at high DPI;

20. Optimization of stability, collapse and no response to significantly reduce the situation;

21. Fix the bug with incomplete display in full screen video.

QQ Browser is the official production of Tencent Browser, is based on the chromium kernel development of the browser, in the starting speed, open the speed of the Web page has a certain advantage. QQ Browser can install the expansion of chrome, as well as a number of micro-letter and other high-quality expansion. QQ Fast login to support, login browser can automatically login Tencent Web page.

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